Junction (SIGNS: #AtoZChallenge)


JunctionNothing came crashing down, this time. Paul just had that feeling that it was time to move on. Things weren’t bad, but…

Not the first time he’s felt that way; he had hoped that he wouldn’t feel like that ever again.

But he does; causing him just a little bit of stress and anxiety over these feelings.

Paul never understood how his father could do the same job, follow essentially the same pattern of his life, for as long as he did, without it taking it’s toll.

Looking back, he saw  it always did.

Time for him to move on.




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  1. It can take a toll on some, stifling creativity and personal growth. However, I also think it’s sad that where once you had the option to start a job and expect to remain with the company for life, now you’re lucky if you manage 5-10 years.


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