On Bridge (SIGNS: #AtoZChallenge)


On Bridge“Pass.”



Doris clenched her cards tightly in her wattled hands. It was going to be one of those games. She was the opener, and made her bid. She glared at Agnes, then at Lily. Lily, her partner, the dummy-she could scream from such a partner-held her head down, doing her best not to make any eye contact with Doris.

Round the table it went. Her bid was responded to, and eventually the contract was made. On they went, hours passing.

When the call came for the center to close, Doris had tasted blood.

It was a good day.




For the April 2014 A to Z Blog Challenge, you will find a story a day (except Sundays) from me. A to Z: Staring with A on Tuesday, April 1st and ending with Z on Wednesday, April 30th.

Signs is my theme for this year’s outing. Road signs, building signs, warning signs…Signs alert us to a multitude of messages. My plan is to use the alphabet through Signage, but not to stick to what the sign was originally intended to convey. So, the genre of story writing, and styles, of the posts will vary as my mood and interpretation sees fit. Possibly a poem or two. We’ll see.

I’m also trying something more of a challenge: each post will be a Drabble. A Drabble is 100 Words Exactly.

Hope you enjoy the stories.


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  1. I like this story very much. Actually I have enjoyed all your posts so far. I like how you have sketched out Doris’ character so effectively in so few words. I guess our real characters are quick to emerge when we are passionate about a game like bridge!


    • Sue, I am so glad you’ve been enjoying the stories. I’ve tried really hard to capture either those moments or characters with as few words as possible, while still giving enough to “set the scene.” Thank you.


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