Slow Children (SIGNS: #AtoZChallenge)


Slow Children“Adagio!” Mr. James yelled to the seventh grade orchestra. “This is not a race; not a competition!  There is no prize for finishing this first. Slowly…slowly…let your instruments blend into each other.”

Connor fought the yawn that was coming; he knew if James saw it he’d blow up. All Connor wanted to do was get the piece over with and go home. He knew this piece, inside and out.. He was just bored with the whole thing.

Connor began to play the piece, so slowly he thought he would scream.

“That’s how it’s done! Again, everyone!” Mr. James cheerfully cried.



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My theme is SIGNS, and I’m interpreting them in Drabble (100 words exactly) form.





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  1. I like this story very much. I could feel Connor’s desire to scream. My children play the piano and sing. They also get fed up with a piece of music by the time they know it inside out. Months and months on the same piece, refining it… It’s a relief when the exams are over and they can move onto new challenges.


  2. Reminds me of music class in school…we always wanted to hurry up and get it done and it DID drive the music teacher nuts 🙂 It also makes me think of those gifted kids who are bored out of their minds because they have to wait for the others in the class to get it right.


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