Utility Work Ahead (SIGNS: #AtoZChallenge)


Utility Work AheadWith the lightening streaking overhead, Igor sent the apparatus up through the skylight. He was glad he remembered to open it; cleaning all that glass…no fun. No, not fun at all.

He pulled the next lever; the water from the river sluiced through the pipes, putting the spinning wheel in motion. It picked up speed as the water gushed through.

Igor tugged that chain, pushed buttons, and the humming current was infused into the very air itself. The storm reached a fever pitch, and Igor cackled along with the thunderous sound.

It was done.

The coffee was very good.



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26 posts during the month of April, every day but Sundays.

My theme is SIGNS, and I’m interpreting them in Drabble (100 words exactly) form.




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