Reflections On A Challenge (A to Z Blog Challenge Recap)


and in the end

“Reflections on a Challenge”

The Case Files of Inspector Khazarian Rovas

**To start from the very beginning: From the Case Files of Inspector Khazarian Rovas

The 2016 edition of the A to Z Blog Challenge has come to an end.I was kinda sorta “forced” into joining this year. I had stopped posting for awhile for a variety of reasons, and it…suggested that I get back to writing. The thought ran that the A to Z was the best place to restart my engines. I did. The April postings are the result. Ta Da!

What jump started this theme for me, cold case files, was a series of online posts I had been reading about…unusual crimes that have never been solved. I thought: “What a great idea: explore a cold case every day, or every two days.” It soon became apparent that was a lofty order,  one that would require a lot of editing to accomplish. I realized all that by the third installment, with the chat between Rovas and Gil. So, I decided  to alter my original plan, creating an ongoing story, interweaving character driven pieces with various plots, with one overarching one: John Peters.

I don’t like planning beyond the theme. I rarely write my posts ahead of time, scheduling to post on the correct day. Done it, but not my norm. I usually work best under time pressure. Always have. I’m an Improv trained performer, among other things, so being in the moment works for me…usually. So, no outlines. No deep research until the day of and where the story leads me. Yeah, that gets me in a spot now and then. As Bruce wrote: “But mama, that’s where the fun is!”

The term for my type of writing: I’m a Pantser (flying by the seat of…)

As to how I name my main characters: I normally go with finding names that have specific meanings. I found Khazarian Rovas, not as a person’s name, but as a group heading: it’s an ancient, obsolete, term for a culture’s alphabet. Zarian had Turkish roots, I looked for Turkish women’s names: Berrak means “Dear”. I hope that this did not offend any Armenians who might read my posts. Not my intention.

BTW: I mentioned, above, about unusual unsolved crimes; well, some of the crimes in this series came from a few online articles. I created the rest. I changed names, if there were any named in the articles, and in no way have I any real information on any of those open cases. So if any investigators come sniffing around: fiction. I didn’t do it. I know nuffink!

Now we’re at the part where I’d like to thank some peoples:


First and foremost, Those Who Shall Be Mentioned: the folks who oversee the A to Z Blog Challenge: Arlee, Damyanti, A.J., Joy, Heather, Pam, Jeremy, Alex, Zalka, and John. Lots of work to plan, lots of work to not only write their own blogs but to answer comments, make comments on other blogs, and scoot all over the 1300+ bloggers that joined in this year.

My personal thanks go to people who stepped up to the plate by pointing out some of my “I Hate To Edit” stupid mistakes (yes,I will do something with the hair somewhere, somehow), grammatical errors, clarifications, and what not, overall supporting what I’ve done here. In no particular order: Kim, Holly, Gloria, Roy, and Jill. 10 Q (sound it out, if you don’t get it). Thank you. Really and truly.

To all my readers, commenters or not: Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the journey.


Honestly, I have no idea. Quite a number have already asked for me to continue with Zarian, Berrak, and Gil. I’ve mentioned a few times that this has crossed my mind, as I saw this more as a first draft as I went along. To me that would mean putting all in one chunk, fix the mistakes, finally add a location (did that on purpose for the A to Z), expand a few of the story lines (really rethinking the first one. I call “Do Over” on it), and making it more of a novel. If I do that, it won’t appear here for quite awhile, if ever. I could just go on and write their futures. I’m very undecided.

What do you think?

I’ve been meaning to do the same with a piece I’m very proud of: The Kitsune-Mochi Saga as well as continuing my series of The Abysmal Dollhouse (this link leads to one of the first, and one of my favorite, of the stories. If you like it, use the search function and just type in Abysmal; it will take you to the lot).

Comments are always welcome…and encouraged!

Thank you, one and all.

The End.

Reflections done.

Go home.


I’m finished.

Time for a nap.

Break Some Glass

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  1. Interesting insight into your writing process. I am a pantser, too. But for blogging, I try to write several hours in advance, so I can go back and edit. For A to Z, I was gone from home for most of the first two weeks of the month, so I had to prewrite my first 15 posts. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. Congrats again in surviving the challenge.


  2. You are not alone in creating a sort of ‘Serial’ format with your 26 posts as your theme. I will ponder on this as I basically pantsed my way through the challenge with only a very loose idea of a theme other than A to Z. Another participant suggested creating a book from the 26 posts, so reverse-engineering said book to 26 posts is starting to sound like a concept for next time. . .

    BTW I’ve put together a Listly of participants like yourself who have written a challenge recap here


    • Thank you, Lissa. Glad you left that link so I can check out others. As to a book, that’s what I’ve been hearing from the people who enjoyed this (but PM me instead of leaving a comment here). I have over 30,000 words with this already. I can easily flesh this out. So…we’ll see. I did the serial format three times now. Works best for me.


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