AtoZ Blog Challange: 2018




I’m back.

Or, I hope to be.

I just signed up for this year’s AtoZ Blog Challange. I have participated in this five times before, starting in 2011, the year when I began this blog. Lots of very positive things came out of my writing here; just took one major bad bump in the road that threw me off kilter. Hence, my lack of presence on Tale Spinning.

The last question asked of those signing up: What is your THEME????

I have a couple of things to work out in me old noggin before I announce what I will do. The challange starts on Sunday, April 1st. Yes, I know. This is not an April Fools Day joke. Just the way the A crumbles.

So, readers, what would you like to see from me?

Something new, or a past series you’d like to see me continue:

  1. The Abysmal Dollhouse
  2. The Case Files of Inspector Khazarian Rovas
  3. The Kitsune-Mochi Saga
  4. The Morningstar Diaries


I’m open to suggestions. Would love to hear what you think.





4 responses »

  1. It’s good to see you back for another go at A to Z. “The Abysmal Dollhouse” concept makes me laugh. The title conjures up some interesting imagery. I’m sure whatever you choose to do will be done well.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    • Thank you, Arlee. AD does open itself to a lot. I’ve only scratched the surface with individual stories. I’ll figure it out by the end of this week.

      See you around the blog dial.


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