Abysmally Yours (The Abysmal Dollhouse) AtoZ Blog Challenge



The Abysmal Dollhouse: Prologue

Painstaking labor, with splintered hands,

Religious fever does not long stand.

Affluence showcased, aging decays,

Domestic roles turn to miniature plays.


Shadows seep along the floors

The dockenhaus has closed its door.

The Nurenberg kitchens, metal cast,

Dollhouse owners never last.


Passed along from old to youth,

In the end, what is the truth?

That the passing of what was fondly owned

Sometimes falls into hands unknown.


These replicas, once loved and used,

(Or, too often, sadly abused),

Put away, forgotten in dusted shade

But the houses…

The will not fade.


Too much went into their making

Emotions flew free, all for the taking.

Deprivation of care, an ugly sore,

Eventually becoming much, much more.


A resting place, a want, a need,

The houses hanker, they must feed.

Some with love, others with hate;

Fear envelopes those that wait.


Now the houses have found a home

A shoppe whose location ever roams.

Its keeper dusts, traveling the floor…

Be wary if you come to its door.


The Abysmal Dollhouse is open.



Welcome to The Abysmal Dollhouse and the AtoZ Blog Challenge.

During the month of April, 2018, the challenge requires that we write 26 posts, starting with the letter A on April 1st (yes, it’s not an April Fool’s Day joke) and ending with Z on Monday, April 30th. A week or so later, there will be a reflection post that will wrap up this experience, for myself as well as my readers.

Since 2011, I have joined this five other times, never the same theme or style twice. I’ve tried one off’s and serialized storytelling. This year will be a little of both, at this point in my quasi-planning. If you’ve read my blog before, you know that The Abysmal Dollhouse has been a series of flash fiction stories that I’ve written over the years. I’m proud of the majority of them and have (almost) aways gotten a positive response to them. Many readers have asked me to continue this storyline: well, here you go. If you want to read previous entries, please use the search function on the page.

This will be the only Sunday post. The rest of the challenge will be met on Mondays through Fridays.

Please click on the link above to find out more about the AtoZ Blog Challenge, as well as to find all the other bloggers who have joined. You’ll find fiction, non-fiction, poetry, rants, musings, photos, recipes, some sexual activity (so posted), and, well, click and ye shall find.

Comments are very welcome, praise or thoughtful critique. If you liked it, there are a stars on top of the page and a like button towards the bottom. You’ll find link button to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media thingies, if you are so inclined.

Welcome to a month of The Abysmal Dollhouse…

For your consideration.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing how this develops over the month – will have to try and find time to catch up on previous Dollhouse stories!

    Good luck!

    @breakerofthings, dropping by from Fiction Can Be Fun (A: An Alpha Protocol) https://wp.me/p7K4Zp-1mK


  2. Ooooo – like Iain, I’m new to the Abysmal Dollhouse, but you’ve certainly piqued my interest. Looking forward to more …

    A-Zing this year at: Fiction Can Be Fun
    Normally found at: Debs Despatches


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  4. I started into The Abysmal Dollhouse A to Z series a few letters in and fell in love with it, and that was without first visiting the post that inspired you’re a to Z. I am reading from here through your A to Z because this is such a great theme and so beautifully written.
    Today I am nominating you for The Liebster Award. Check out the details at https://writingiscommunication.wordpress.com/2018/04/15/liebster-award-nomination/


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  7. Am here from Writing Sparkle – and loved your poem. (you may or may not want to an s in your title under the picture). As a woman who once was a girl your depiction of the doll’s house is so spot on and stated beautifully. I agree “Affluence showcased, ageing decays,.” is a great line and invokes so much meaning. Look forward to reading the next.


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