Penitentiary Sin: The Abysmal Dollhouse (AtoZ Blog Challenge)


** New Readers to this challenge: This is a serialized, continuous work. Please start with the first piece, Abysmally Yours. The AtoZ Blog Challenge began April 1st; ends April 30th. Thank you.

jail shadow

Penitentiary Sin

The Abysmal Dollhouse

The blood, it splattered, high and wideThe Vorpal blade went deep inside
Jabbing thrice; no more, no less;
Still, the body is left a mess.
The casting of the waning sun
Four p.m.; shadows on the run
The first of this run of demands
The Vorpal knife in his command.

Cleansing the blade of its gore
Rejuvenated, to his core
The Jabber stands and walks away
Day two will come, as will his prey.

The Shopkeeper was well aware that the Unfolding Doll was there, just barely, glaring at her. Her dusting was not enough to keep her mind solely focused on the task. Sighing, she turned and faced the shadowy corner.

“Yes. Come out.”

The shadows rippled. Bit by bit the Unfolding Doll undulated into the light. The Shopkeeper saw that its knife was not in evidence, for now. The doll took a few steps away from the shadow, turning its head towards the front of the shoppe. The light from outside was less glaring at this hour.

It stood like that for a short while. The Shopkeeper waiting, watching. Whatever had been holding the doll in place let it go. Turning towards the back, The Unfolding Doll walked silently over to the Carousel. The Shopkeeper met it there, opposite sides facing each other.

“I know what you want,” the Shopkeeper, blunt-edged said. “I want the same thing. But, I want it done here. Here, where I can…partake in this…need. I need it done here.”

Her head lowered just a touch, her will holding back the tears welling.

“I’m doing what I can, bound as I am. Bound, as you are. I’ve steered… potentials away from Muirhouse. It is teetering on its hunger, its dissatisfaction. Instead of growing weaker, it wants what it feels is owed it.”

The Shopkeeper’s voice had grown sharper as she continued. Her words sliced through the shoppe, sending emotional spasms across the enclosed space. The dollhouses internally vibrated, and heated calls of “Mine, Mine, MINE!” echoed all around her.


Silence immediately swept over the two.

The Shopkeeper breathed deeply, held her breath, let it out slowly.

“I’m duty bound to this shoppe, as are you. I’m bound to you,” she said, this time unable to hold back some tears, “for what happened to you. What my negligence did to you. This is my penance, but it’s also my duty. To you.”

Neither moved. The doll’s button eyes fixated on the watery eyes of the Shopkeeper. They could have remained thus for a long time. Except.

Except, someone, outside, was being drawn to the window. Both heads turned. The Shopkeeper went and retrieved her duster and moved to her counter. The Unfolding Doll just wasn’t.

The door opened. The door chime tinkled. The Shopkeeper smoothed down her clothing.

To be continued…along the way


The AtoZ Blog Challenge

During the month of April, 2018, the challenge requires that we write 26 posts, starting with the letter A on April 1st (yes, it’s not an April Fool’s Day joke) and ending with Z on Monday, April 30th. A week or so later, there will be a reflection post that will wrap up this experience, for me as well as my readers.

*I’ve decided to reblog past Abysmal Dollhouse stories on Sundays since we’re not required to write those days. The reblog will not correspond to any specific letter. Just thought you might enjoy some of the previous entries that I’m fond of.

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    • Never said it was Biblical type of sin. Some, the sin resides in the person: maybe just another word but they still need some relief. Guilt can feel that way.


  1. “Sighing, she turned and faced the shadowy corner.
    “Yes. Come out.”
    The shadows rippled. Bit by bit the Unfolding Doll undulated into the light.”
    YIKES! Such a level of creepiness, so nicely done. Then the layers of guilt built in, just a great emotional feel for readers to experience. I can’t say enough about how much I love this series, it is so much fun to read. The unfolding doll is very intriguing in a scary unknown sort of way.


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