His Time Capsulated: #FridayFictioneers



PHOTO PROMPT © Connie Gayer

His Time Capsulated

Everyone thought Russ was a gardening savant. Thought that of himself at times, but he knew the real reason why he took up this “hobby.” It wasn’t to please Connie. An excuse, embarrassed to admit he had buried a Time Capsule in his backyard when he was a teen.

Embarrassed he forgot where it was and what he buried. Forgotten all about it.

Damn getting old.

Finally finding it, he knelt, creaking. Waited a moment, hoping he’d left words of wisdom that would spread; maybe some treasured thing from the past.

Inside, just a note:

Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30!”


The above is a photo prompt challenge from Addicted to Purple by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields that she calls Friday Fictioneers . The rules for this prompt are simple:

    1. Use the photo on Addicted to Purple as your prompt.
    2. Write a 100 word story, complete with a beginning, middle, and end.
    3. Make every word count.
    4. It is proper etiquette to give the contributor of the photo credit.

A lot of people join in; the variety of the personal takes on the prompt is what makes this fun. Take a look at what the others wrote, and maybe join in on the creative fun.

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  1. Dear Stu,

    I could see Russ tucking that note into a time capsule. Perhaps with a roach clip and a bong. 😉 I’m sure it’s in an invisible box. (You’ll have to ask him about that) 😉 Good one. You made me laugh out loud.




    • It was so far away when we were teens. Movies (Logan’s Run; Wild in the Streets) and the counterculture helped hammer that in. Glad you enjoyed.


  2. Well done, Stuart. If Russel is a gardening savant, he’d better pay me a visit. I’m a plant killer.
    The time capsule was a great idea. They used to be quite popular and I haven’t heard of them for awhile. Such a great idea. I remember we buried one when I was in primary school. Wonder how long until we can dig it up.
    Best wishes,


    • Thank you, Rowena. I looked at that photo for a bit and just sat there going “What am I going to do with this?” Then I blew the photo up and noticed the tan thing at the bottom of the digging. Ding! Time Capsule. I remember out doing one in college. Stilll too soon to dig it up.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Well, there’s your prompt for a story: digging back into our memories and imagining what we would have pondered/held to of great importance. Thanks for commenting.


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