Veiled Consequences: #FridayFictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Veiled Consequences

The experiment had gone horribly wrong.

Dave, invisible. Nothing would reverse the process. Tried reverse engineering his molecular chamber: nada. Chemistry: a bust. Prayer: a joke. A voodoo priestess: dead end, giving her a heart attack when he spoke.

Then the dog attack. Sepsis infection. Had to amputate his own leg. Damn Chihuahua.

Prosthetic experiments went badly. The MC did nothing. Blown glass: shattered. Clear plastic: no give.  Finally, Dave gave in and ordered an off the rack one. It did the job, but now? Slightly visible.

It was fun, though, freaking people out when he went to the store.


Author’s Note:

It’s #Friday Fictioneers prompt time, as always created and hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields on her blog, Addicted To Purple.

The rules are simple:

    1. Use the photo on Addicted to Purple as your prompt.
    2. Write a 100 word story, complete with beginning, middle, and end.
    3. Make every word count.
    4. It is proper etiquette to give the contributor of the photo credit.
  1. Add the InLinkz button (below) so your readers can find the dozens of other bloggers who have taken up this challenge.

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    • I’ve really enjoyed those Cormoran Strike books as well. I just found out two things: there is a TV series, and a fourth book should be published in a few months!!! Thanks for reminding me, Roy.


  1. I assume Dave was a mailman since he was attacked by a dog, though a Chihuahua is the lowest form of dog in my opinion (more of a rat). I got a visual image of the prosthetic leg hoping down the street. That certain would freak people out.


  2. Now we know definitively why that prosthesis is standing allone ( or not so alone) in the town square. Too bad you can’t fool a chihuahua! Apparently his patented invisibility does not cover up smells or sounds, and that’s all that dog needs to attack! Disturbingly funny.


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