Storms Will Come


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Storms Will Come

The storms, the storms

Alive, they come

Floating or falling

They collect, always downward.


On the trees, on the grass,

Oer the fields, the streams,

The mountain tops,

The Canopies and roofs,

On grizzled heads and ones of youth,

The storms, the storms,

They come.


Things quiet down, you see

There is a softness of sound.

Or a roaring crack and sear

That goes the other way around.

Both are needed; both are dear

Both can bring life; both can bring fear.


The storms, the storms,

They come, they come

Bringing that sense of calm

Of the white drifting flakes.

Or feeding the energy of life,

As the panorama is slaked.


The come,

The storms.

They come.



Thanks to a new online writer friend.





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    • I spoke to Alana about this. The picture has a young woman in wings. That is it. It has nothing to do with Vicky’s Secret. Folks: do not use things that would be copyrighted by anyone, esp not a big company with big lawyers. Think Disney, only tinier.


  1. THIS, was StuHNing!
    The sky darkened with each word. Finally, a storm to heal her kingdom.
    The queen spoke softly to the poet as he ended his incantation~ 🌨⛈ “The storm shall reign over tortured souls, bringing peace to the plagued hearts of our people.” 🌬. The storm raged on, violently, yet the darkness enslaving the kingdom became less suffocating with each flash of lightening. The torrents had begun gently washing the pain from within. In this moment, at the eye of storm, seeing her people begin to thrive once more. The queen bequeathed a most sacred title to the poet. “Henceforth, good sir, you shall be known as “The Storm Bringer”, and the savior to our kingdom.” ~
    💡💡 I do believe you’ve set a fire, StuHN… I must away to tell the tale of the storm bringer! (:
    Haha. Thank you for the writing, it was a pleasure to read, as always!


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