Sonnet: Dance


Dedication Anew, to the Pilobolus crew

Tale Spinning

Dance, she said, as if nothing else mattered

Undulating to an inner rythem

The soles of her feet bleeding and tattered

Never once off beat, no movement schism.

Twirling and drops, all new levels she found

Jeté off the floor, with a mighty leap

Cascading in the air; swirling around

Then crumble to the ground, sprawling heap.

But, if the knees gave way and the bones creak

If the supple muscles give to decay

If the energy wanes leaving her weak

What happens to her if dance goes away?

She must dance to the end, freely flowing

The movements leave her breathless and glowing

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    • You’re welcome, Cat.

      I fell in love with Dance in a very “guy” way: at 17, I could have cared less for dance, except in Musical Theater (was in enough shows at that point). I was JUST starting to date another student and she was going to a dance performance through our HS. I went, hoping for the brownie points and not expecting much more beyond, well…

      And there I was at the Joffery Ballet at City Center in NYC, and they were performing Twyla Tharp’s Deuce Coupe with her company. The music was the Beach Boys, ballet and modern dance, and they had Graphitti artists spray painting on huge rolls of paper while the dancers danced and the music played.

      Sold. I wanted more, and over the years I got it.

      As to the girl, we only went out a short time, but my love for Dance has continued lonnnnng after.

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