NaNoWriMo Reflections: 2019



Refractive Reflections

NaNoWriMo 2019

The organization that runs NaNoWriMo sets a goal for those undertaking the challenge:

50,000 Words.

Write Every Day of November.

It is the first draft of a new idea for your novel. Their website is a place to check-in: daily word counts adding to your total; words per day you need; your speed of typing (how many hours you put in divided by # of words); and lots of other info and support.

I did set out to meet and hopefully surpass their goal.

Missed it by that much.

I wound up 8K shy of the mark. Pleased as anything by going beyond 40K, but still.

November 2019 started off great; halfway point and life, stupid life, got in the way at times. Obstacles, Thanksgiving, Second Thanksgiving, sadly no Elevenses, work, and communicating with others far and wide.

Short by 8K.

I AM continuing the writing, as this is a novel idea I’ve had for a novel. Never committed an actual word until November 1st.

It was an excellent exercise that hammered down some fine points into me:

  1. Write every single day.
  2. Do Not Edit as you go along!
  3. Proofreading, editing, and adding things in that you just thought of: all get in the way of 50K
  4. It is very, very good to have a buddy group to share with and be supported by.
  5. Do not sit six hours in a row to type words. Your back will appreciate it.
  6. Did I mention Write Every Day?
  7. The importance of constructive critique from others is super important.
  8. Don’t judge nor compare your work. I knew that. Just amplified.
  9. Doing extensive research while writing this way wastes time & will blow your mind.
  10. Finding great writers on writing quotes. My favorite, for now, is from Hemmingway: “The first draft of anything is shit.”

A BIG THANK YOU to Lori Soderlind, Director of the MFA in Creative Writing at Manhattanville College.  She created the NaNoWriMo Foxhole Buddy Group for us wayward writers.  We plan to meet up again.

Big thanks to my fellow Foxholers: Lexi, Jenn, Jim, Terri, Lynn, and Lauren. It was a pleasure working “alongside” of you and getting to read your posts.

Lastly, I will attempt this again next year. Whole big new idea.

Same Bat Month. Same Bat Goal.


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