The crowd reached out into the hallway, overflow from Isabella’s apartment. Her metallic blue door was wide open, but the mass of flesh in front of it acted as a barrier.  She hadn’t told me that a party was going on. This was Isabella.

Parties happened.

Greeted by those who knew me, I inched my way through the dancing, drinking, shrieking mob. Drugs of different potencies passed around me. I turned down all of the offers.

A hand on my butt squeezed it and then slapped the vacant cheek; that forced me to plow through a bit faster. I wasn’t in the mood for playing grab-ass. This was a tight groper’s paradise, no matter the orientation. I was here for Isabella.

The closest door of the foyer was open, bursting with a mish-mash of outerwear. It took some time but I breached the congestion into the kitchen. Grabbing a cold beer, I popped the top and made my way past the island and folding table against the wall. Jostling and hugging stalled my way to the living room. Finally, at the entranceway, I caught my first sight of Isabella for the evening.

She was dancing and shaking about on top of her couch. She was topless, but her long curly red hair gyrated to the beats throbbing throughout the apartment; they covered her breasts until a sweep of her head floated her hair around her. With so many people in between us, dancing, twirling, jumping, entwining each other, I couldn’t tell if Isabella had wholly stripped down. It was too early for that, but…Isabella.

As I made my way to the couch, I caught glimpses of her black mini-skirt and patterned knee-high stockings. Smiling, there was a moment where I wasn’t sure which part exuded Isabella’s sexiness and sensuality more: top or bottom. That thought was quickly tossed aside. Fully clothed or not, Isabella was.

She caught me watching her. A feral grin broke across her face. I finished my beer, turning to toss it towards the kitchen. Someone would pick it up. Or not. Clean up happened when it did.

I began to turn back to Isabella but found myself tackled to the floor. Others went down around me, a domino effect, leaving the partiers tangled and laughing. A body was on top of me, palms resting on my face.

“Hey, you,” Isabella said, brushing her lips against mine. My mouth was deeply engaged with lip nips and kissing. She began to tongue wrestle with me.

Isabella won, as always. Our lips parted.

“Hey, you!” I booped her nose. Isabella pushed my hands down to my sides. She pinned my arms with her thighs and knees, sitting up, on top of me. Around us, the floored partiers unjumbled themselves, got up, and returned their bodies to the music. If anyone noticed us still splat down, I was equally unaware.

Isabella locked eyes on me. Her features softened as she dragged her tongue across her lips. The desire for another kiss drew my chest up. Isabella’s palms were on my chest, forcing me back down.

“Nuh, uh,” was whispered. Her eyes closed as her face went from neutral to somewhere else. A slow rocking turned notch by notch, climbing up as Isabella undulated, dancing in place as she held me still.

I lost count, and awareness, of the many songs that morphed around us. Sweat from her forehead dripped down her nose, springing free, to land on my face. A splatter in my eyes stung. I could have turned my head physically. That was not going to happen.

Isabella’s lips had been tight, breathing flaring her nostrils in and out. Her mouth grew taut and then parted open. A smile returned to her face as she opened her eyes, her body shaking. The pressure pinning my arms lessened. Isabella moved them as her body stretched out, lying prone on top of me. Her hair splayed over my face and chest, her face nestled in the space between my neck and shoulder.

She fell into a steady breathing pattern. The rise and fall of her chest against mine was even. I knew she was asleep, even as she cuddled entirely into me.

My arms and hands were asleep — pins and needles pain that needed unkinking. I reached around, brushing some of her hair off of my face. I wrapped my arms around Isabella before the sensations entirely died away. Turning my head, I kissed her cheek, closing my eyes as I hugged her that much tighter.

The party continued around us.

This was Isabella.

Parties happened.

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