Awakenings: Nightmares from an Unbleached Soul, the a2z Blog Challenge



Nightmares from an Unbleached Soul


It’s been stumbling along

Eyes open but you can’t see

That everything around you

Everything inside you

Comes crashing into fractured pieces


Do you see the big picture yet?


It’s a running theme

Encapsulating your life

Even blocked off, isolated

Everything inside of you

Shatters to pieces


Is the big picture clear yet?


You’ve been in hiding

From stressors outside and in

Tired of yourself, of life

Hit your head against the wall

Smashing it to pieces


Can you see yourself at all?


Every bit is One More Thing

They don’t understand at all

Platitudes don’t heal the pains

Shred your heart into pieces


How much distance till you fall?

Big picture is obscured

Falling into pieces

Shredding into pieces

Smashing into pieces

Shattering into pieces





Sweep it up until you’re gone.

© Stuart Nager 4/1/2020


Welcome to a very different attempt here on Tale Spinning for the 2020 AtoZ Blog Challenge.  In the past, I’ve done serialized stories, one-off drabbles (100 words exact), and serialized stories. Yes, I keep coming back to that.

I’m trying something different that will challenge me much more this April.

26 posts, never on Sundays (sounds like a movie)

Song lyrics or Poems or stream of consciousness? I really don’t know at this point. Usually, by the third or fourth-day things start to gel for me, that leads me in the direction it wants to go. Except for lightly writing in the topic per alphabet letter, I never plan where this thing will take me.

Comments left here (below) do help. Please, so I can see them all in one place.

I will take suggestions, but please: more along “have you thought of this?” or “this section: can you expand it a bit more?”  Please don’t tell me what to do. If you’re a friend, you know I don’t respond well to that. Constructive critique/questions are always taken and rolled around my head. Suggestions I’d like; editing, not so much.

First draft. First draft. First draft.

Most of the posts will come from observations, listening, taking in what is being emitted. Some could be of a more personal nature.

Don’t writers usually leave a part of themselves in the work? Not a real question. Just take the day as it is. Please.

It is still not too late to join the AtoZ Blog Challenge. Click on THIS for all the info to join in.

I hope you will journey with me, into the Nightmares of an Unbleached Mind


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  1. That was a very powerful, thought provoking way to start the A to Z Challenge. Your are certainly as you say, a creative individual with a passion for writing with passion. If that makes sense.


  2. Interesting start. I can see the relevancy for many though in my own life things are pretty well still together as things fall apart around me. I’m okay as long as I’m secure in having my home to live in.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  3. I can see this would reflect my feelings if a few more things were to go wrong. So far I’m OK but what if gets worse? There comes a time when the balance is tipped and one could go spinning out of control. Most of us seem to have an inbuilt optimism that we will come out of this unchanged on the other side. Let’s hope it is so.

    Great start to the A to Z even if somewhat alarming.


  4. Stu, as always you raise the (already high) bar every April. I take my hat off to you for upping the ante yet again, especially in these difficult times. I’m going to try & read along again this year. With luck, lockdown will actually make that a tad easier.


  5. Hi Stu. As with all good poetry, the reader wonders if the poet meant what they are interpreting it as. Things as they are today, I saw a profound question is ‘How much distance till you fall?’
    Hoping for the nightmare to end soon. And wishing you all the best in your writings about nightmares.


  6. The tone and emotions this projects reminds me of Hamlet, which is lovely. I love Hamlet. I also feel like I could visualize all of this as a music video. My favorite section was the very end: “Shredding into pieces / Smashing into pieces / Shattering into pieces / Pieces / Pieces / Pieces / pieces / Sweep it up until you’re gone.” I feel like the capitalization of “Pieces” and the lack of capitalization with the last “pieces” brings you that empty, hollow feeling. It’s almost like you started with a semblance of hope and it’s all basically lost by that last line. I enjoyed this immensely. I wouldn’t change a thing. Cheers!


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