Dirty Nails: Nightmares from an Unbleached Soul, the AtoZ Challenge





His face was sallow; extremely lean

No matter how you looked at him

He came across as mean.

Muscles taut, the clutch of his hands

Meanness radiated off him like a demand.


He walked down Main, looking right then left

Taking his time, walking as possessed.

Eye contact happened, then he moved on

The shivers hit quick, pulses soared

Bile rose up, many heaved

His looks felt evil

As if his soul was unclean.


Three blocks down, he stopped.

He looked around, saw he had a crowd

He stood at the crossroads

He began to smile.


Both arms rose, held out on either side,

Unclenching his fists

His hands opened wide

Gasps were drawn, by the sight,

The dirtiest of nails. They were a fright.

All eleven, long and deformed,

Broken, cracked, tips came to a point,

From each nail, black drippings fell

He cracked each finger, one at a time

The sound ran through everyone’s spine


Slowly, he brought them to his lips

First, he licked the tops

Then gave them all a kiss.

Having their attention, quaking where they stood

All their fear and disgust bled his way.


He looked around; smile fell away

Reversing his actions, first his fists shut tight

Both arms descended, taking their time

He laughed just once

Shook his head, commenced his walk.

He began to slither on.

Everyone scattered each and every way.


‘Devil walking’ many whispered, still to this day.

He just kept walking away

He’d look left, then to his right

He kept on walking, into the night

He kept on stalking

Till he was out of sight.



For those just joining in:

Hi. I’m taking part in the 2020 AtoZ Blog Challenge. 26 posts during the month of April, with a reprieve on Sundays. If you’d like to check out the many varied blogs that are participating this year, click HERE. You’ll never know what you may find.

Also: I’d like to put the entirety of this month’s output to music. I’m looking for a musician who is up to the challenge. We’ll see where it goes. If interested, my email address can be found on the side. 


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    • While I’m writing, I “hear” the music. I’ve written songs in the past: had a musical director who’d take my “humming”, transcribe to guitar, and then the two of us would craft it to it’s finished state. I’m glad you liked it. Thank you.

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      • Hi Noor: ok. I fixed the problem with the posting. Gah! btw, I took your comment for what is was: how YOU read it. Let me know with the spacing intended: does it change it enough or you feel the same way. Commentary helps me look at things from another POV


    • Oh, I forget. The way it’s run together? For whatever bizarre reason, the formating will not take the stanza spacing I wrote. I know, now, how to fix it. Just too darn tired. You are right: as it reads right now, the music gets lost. Blog hopping tomorrow. See you then.

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  1. Wow, 26 poems! That will be an impressive month’s work. I hope you get someone to compose the music fo4 it, in which case 26 songs.


    • I’m really glad you’re following along. My goal is to not duplicate any one genre or subject matter. I went with touching this a bit to the actual theme title. I’ll do that here and there. Thanks


  2. Okay, wow. I like this one a lot. Thoroughly spooky. Eleven fingers. Dirty nails dripping with black yuck. The crossroads. An aura of menace. I’d like to hear this as a song.


  3. My favorite from your challenge group thus far. Descriptive and eerie, I related to the astonished crowd while fully empathizing (and even rooting for) the Dirty Nail dude. Visceral. Gross. Good.


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