Zealous O’er the Seas: Nightmares from an Unbleached Mind, AtoZ Blog Challenge





There was a ship tore o'er the sea
Zealous she was in name and in deed
We caught with ease all of our prey, 
Nary a one gave us a slip
The bounty was always plenty
Filling out hold to the deck.

Fill up our ale mugs and raise them high 
Give our Captain Bones a cheer
Stalwart and brave, a rogue to his core
Captain Billy Jack Bones

Billy Jack led the Zealous on many a wild chase
She was a fearsome sight to behold
With raised colors most tried to flee
As we came upon them
All the crews fought valiantly
But for them it came to naught

Fill up our ale mugs and raise them high
Give our Captain a cheer
Stalwart and brave, a rogue to his core
Captain Billy Jack Bones

Billy Jack entranced the women on each pirate isle
From St. Mary's Island came Jaquotte; Clew Bay gave up Sadie
Tortuga brought his Bonny; Ching Shih was from Port royal
At Barataria Bay he fell for Mary Read
His met his fate on New Providence, Anne Bonny

Fill up our ale mugs and raise them high
Give our Captain a cheer
Stalwart and brave, a rogue to his core
Captain Billy Jack Bones

The six hellions thought they his only bride
Given the news from the massive Black Ghost Ship 
Sailing out aboard the ship, the six brides did plan
To give Billy his comeuppance for once and evermore

Fill up our ale mugs and raise them high
Give our Captain a cheer
Stalwart and brave, a rogue to his core
Captain Billy Jack Bones

Captain Bones was surrounded, ale wenches four
All headed to his den, for pleasure and more
A blow to his noggin ended that display
Tethered to a mast he awoke to six deadly glares

Each bride flogged our Billy in turn, unmercifully
Anne Bonny approached him at the last, no whip in sight
Proud was our Captain, he stared into her eyes
Anne Bonny aimed her pistol; Billy Jack Bones was gone

So heed this tale when considering to wed
Be extra cautious with who you take to bed
Marriage vows are sacred; Offer no contempt
Or you'll live in agony beyond what was ever dreamt
Fill up our ale mugs and raise them high
Give our Captain some cheers
Hey! Hey!
Stalwart and brave, a rogue to his core
Was Captain Billy Jack Bones

Captain Billy Jack Bones


**The female pirates, the pirate safe havens, the Zealous, are all part of Pirate history.  The HMS Zealous lived on in three different vessels. I moved the female pirates around for this story-song. The pirate havens were real. Plundering was real. 

Everything else was my creation.  Hey Hey!

Nightmares from an Unbleached Soul theme is at its end. 26 lyrical poems written daily during the month of April (no Sundays). It began on April 1st and ended Thursday, April 30th. There is still one more piece to this year’s AtoZ Blog Challenge: we are asked to write our Reflections on the process, successes, thoughts, and any changes you might like to make. All the blogs that survived this Apri’s challenge will post their Reflections between May 4th to May 16th.

I will post my Reflections on either May 4th or 5th. I’ll let you know.

I hope you find new blogs that draw you in. If you wish to, go to The Master List.

I’ve asked a few questions along the way: what genre of music you think suits the lyrics best? Who or what style of music was in my head when I wrote these? My last one for the end:

  1. Why Nightmares From An Unbleached Soul?  
  2. I’m curious.: How do you interpret it
    1. for yourself?
    2. why do you think I chose that as my theme title?


Comments are always welcome.


19 responses »

  1. Congratulations on completing the A to Z!
    It was a pleasure to read your lyrical verses on such a diversity of topics- hats off to your creativity.
    I felt the pep and zing in this one, despite the gory end.
    I think your title alludes to the fact that you lay yourself and perhaps your worst fears, bare to your audience, through these 26 pieces. “Nightmares” refer to your worst fears, and “unbleached soul” refers to the absence of restraint and being absolutely honest about your feelings.
    Perhaps my explanation is too simplistic? What do you think?
    Look forward to more from you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Stu,
    I’m doing your posts in reverse. So, I’m not quite sure about how the previous poems adhere to the title, and whether they’re all about nightmares or not. I do like the concept of an unbleached soul and relate quite strongly to that. I see so many people being corporatized and losing their essence so your title addresses that well. It could also be expressed as “Visions of the Unbleached Soul” or “The Cries of An Unbleached Soul” depending on your content.
    The poetry anthology I self-published just after I finished uni back in 1991 was: “Locked Inside An Inner Labyrinth” and we seem to be on a similar wavelength. Your title makes plenty of sense to me.
    I could well see this poem being set to music as a ballad and appearing on Pirates of the Caribbean.
    really enjoyed it and it was well written.
    Best wishes,


    • The thought of Disney buying the rights to Zealous made me smile. I most likely wouldn’t have to worry about money for quite a while.

      Yes, you got the gist of the theme title. I tried a number of nouns but felt Nightmares fit closest to where, and what, we are.

      The nightmare in this one is two-fold. Cheating, revenge, greed, and then a crew that justifies what the main character does because of what they reap from their “captain’s” doings. Kinda reminds me of someone and cohorts. Hmm. Not sure who.

      Thanks for the comments.

      Liked by 1 person

      • So do your poems work together to tell a story? I was going to suggest that you put a page together at the end so people can easily start reading from the beginning. I do a list every year. My posts stands alone but also tell a story as a whole. I need to print them all out and read them as a whole and I might suddenly feel like I’ve put my soul out there and want to delete or edit the lot. That said, when I used to do poetry readings when I was younger, I put a lot of intimately personal stuff out there and didn’t give a damn.


      • Hi Rowena: a lot of good questions.
        I used the theme title as I would as an album title. I tried different styles day by day, with no through-line. In a way, there are many that could fit together better than how I did it day by day. I was thinking of lyrics more than poems.
        I usually do that alphabet list. For whatever reason, I pooped out by the end. I have nothing of importance to do this weekend, so maybe it’d be a good Sunday post. I also should add links to blogs I enjoyed. Yup. I’ll do that on Sunday.

        If you’ve begun to read them all, I did insert a lot of personal things as well. Some I went story route and others were led by the day’s letter and title. I reread all 26 today, and I noticed I repeated a lot of words from one piece or the other. I know the meter is way off on some, more so with the non-rhyming posts.

        And don’t you dare delete your work. Give it some time before you reread them. Then, make your second (or third) draft to tighten what you feel needed tightening.

        I’m looking forward to your comments while you are reading them backwards.


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