The Misfortune of Sea Monsters (part one)


I’d love to hear feedback on this tale, nine years after I first published it. I’ve thought about returning to that world a bit. What do you think? (and yes, I did continue it at least two more posts). Comments are always welcome.

Tale Spinning

Young Ned stood over the dead narwhal’s body, harpoon in hand, searching the foaming swells for his foe. He wiped the salt rime off his face with the long flowing sleeves of his once white shirt. His sister, Ruth, had sewn it for him before this adventure  began, and he missed her dearly.

But, more than homesickness straddled his reserves. He had a monster to vanquish, a fiend from the depths, one that he knew only he could slay. He was quite shirty about it all; the narwhal, an innocent victim of the cruel vagaries of the deep blue. It had swam besides the ship for two and a half days, and he and his shipmates had quickly grew fond of their wayside companion.

A grasping set of tentacles had broken the surface of the roiling sea waters. The narwhal struggled amidst the crushing coils, as a sharp maw out…

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