LIQUID TIME: A Portent (AtoZ Blog Challenge 2021)


This is the day Z doesn’t die.

Z is in flux.

Z is insignificant, feeling utterly <less than< to others who stumble across Z.

There is a social, dreary wilderness that Z wades through,

often sinking into the mire, unable to attain a solid footing.

Z believes they has no purpose.

With no purpose in Z’s ragged mind, the universal

“Why?” goes unanswered.

Z was/is/will be.

Z’s wish: that Z wasn’t any of those.

Wishes don’t always come true.

This is the day Z doesn’t die.

It was Z’s thought to do so,

but never Z’s intention.

Welcome to Tale Spinning. This is the 10th time I have been part of the AtoZ Blog Challenge. I created Tale Spinning in February 2011. Two months later I joined in that wide assemblage of Bloggers. 


I wasn’t really prepared for the journey, then. I’m glad I took up the challenge/risk. 

My 2021 theme was posted about a week ago: Liquid Time. I had no idea what I would write about, but there was that something. It has grabbed me, folded, stapled, and oragamied my “thought” process. The above  is my first thought “doodle.” It is a Drabble (100 words exactly).  Where I take this on April 1st is an unknown. 


Exploring the unknown is exciting. I wonder what I will learn by the time I publish my Z post.


You can click here for my Theme Reveal.   Apologies for the formatting. That’s all on WP’s Block Editor.


I strongly recommend that you check out the AtoZ Blog Challenge

Comments/Feedback are always welcome.

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