BACKWARDS: Liquid Time AtoZ Blogging Challenge, 2021



Liquid Time

A to Z Blogging Challenge 2021

Shard by shard we are released from the tyranny of so-called time.” Patti Smith


Z is not in a raster format.

Yet, pixelated within the FP (Float Pod), Z is obscured. There are no filters, graininess, or fuzziness. Z is not enlarged in the chamber; more the reverse. In the perverse total dark, floating on chemical laden liquid, Z contemplates a linear spiral.

It began once the Pod door was shut, blocking out the lights of the room, a total eclipse of fluorescent tube bulbs.


Awareness fades with ease. Z has/is/will experience(d)(ing) the mindful disassociation gift that the FP offers. Not a womb as others had/have/will deride(d) it. Z dives freely, embracing the dissolution, not surrendering to it. Z does not know where the absolute certainty in the purity of the Float Pod comes from. Yet, it is there.

Z vibrates from a pure, righteous (without the trappings), hole in Z’s soul. It is all encompassing.

Unintentionally, Z synch’s into the O². The plunge causes


z to fracture

every muscle seized trembling to an unheard beat z’s middle twisted into a double fisher man’s knot numbness came taking control z slipped away from z in any tense a full force centrifuge bodily liquids separated density versus density the shell splintering no control no control z found every zeptosecond of z’s life if z hadn’t been in synch there might have have been, is a, or will be a z no warning that

Z fell into a moment. One Z had been able to walk away from. The next moment was just as bad as the preceding one. Z knew the pattern. Z’s fists clenched.

“Damn it!”


Schrödinger’s Float Pod sat in it’s birth.

This is the day Z doesn’t die

Z was/is/will be

So the journey begins. Backwards, like the Ghost of Christmas Past. 

I want to give thanks to MAXIME LAGACÉ of Wisdom Quotes. 

Yes, the internet is full of links to a plethora of quote sites. I’ve cherry picked the specific ones that have wound up on past posts. This time, Wisdom Quotes made it easy with one stop shopping. Uh, I mean copying. Yeah. That.  There’s a powerful story behind the Wisdom Quotes site. More power to Maxime Lagacé.

Special note: If you are seeing a Kurt Vonnegut “Slaughterhouse 5” feel to this, it’s a semi-conscious choice. Z is by no means Billy Pilgrim, and I am not trying to plagiarize Mr. Vonnegut’s amazing book in any way. A beginning homage? I’ll plead the fifth on that one. With Continuance (April 3rd), Z begins the tread to elsewhere.

Please leave any comments &/or feedback below. It is always much appreciated.

C you tomorrow.


Liquid Time: a Portent

Absolute 31,536,000

17 responses »

    • Hi Arlee
      I had to look up John Barth. Yeah, I know, but I had never heard of him. Chimera I am pretty sure I knew about, but not the author.
      Thank you for the comparison.
      I am going to wait to read a book or three of his until after I’m done with Z.
      Any suggestion for the best book to start from him?


      • The only book I’ve read by him is Lost in the Funhouse and it’s probably a good place to start since it’s a collection of short stories. I’ve read through it several times, but it’s been many years. I liked it a lot when I was in college. I was probably high most of the time when I read these stories so that might have influenced the way in which I perceived his writing.


  1. Hm… I am interested, and it sounds like something has happened to Z. Since time is liquid here, I wonder if, when you say that this is the day Z does not die, you kind of mean that in some ways he does die.


    • I’ll guess we’ll have to wait for April 30th to find out. 🙂
      I can’t give anything away. Especially as I am making it up as I go.
      Thanks for following along, Melanie.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I meant to say this yesterday, but I noticed that you went with Z as the name, and I wondered if this denoted some circularity, or was simply a tip of the chapeau to the Challenge.

    The blog works particularly well for the format you’ve chosen. I think it would be tricky to make this work in a book form or similar.

    David – @BreakerOfThings from
    Fiction Can Be Fun
    Saying hello as part of the #A2ZChallenge


    • Hi, David. If another reply pops up, I’ll be like “huh?”
      Stupid WordPress.

      Z was originally a placeholder for me, where I was planning to give Z a full name on the 1st.
      I liked it for both reasons you stated above AND, well, Z’s meaning should become clear just before we hit April 30th. All in all, it just Fit for me.

      As to the format, I had no thought of a form for publishing. I’m making discoveries as I go along, and I like that. A lot. I thought, originally, that this would be a SciFi mashup of Existentialism/Post Modernism/DaDa/Surrealism. Toss in a soupcon of my quasi-philosophy, and you get this mess called Liquid Time.

      I hope you’re at least enjoying it. : )

      Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Sue. Backwards is now. Here. It may always be around, but a moment is a moment.
      Could I be more obscuring?
      As you wrote, I am going the experimental route, seeing where else my itty bitty mind can take me.
      Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be heading your way over the coming days. I’m already in catch up mode.


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