GENERATIONS: Liquid Time A to Z Blog Challenge 20



Liquid Time

A to Z Blog Challenge 2021

We feast on time as time feasts on us.” ~ ~ Maria Popova







Hypervigilance of mistrust anchored,
Rusted. Complex injuries concealed deep.
Aloof of bonds from the human canker
Malignant cysts rooted as toxins seep.

Genocidal impulses cycle through
Treading on the dead unmarked; gardens grow.
Nihilistic hate; destruction accrues
Death an unfathomable ratio.

Yet, a groundswell of acceptance and care
Extended familial connections
Accessibility in reach, to share
Secure desires without objections.

O', Z, climb your generational train
O', Z, relinquish your thoughts to abstain

Z has flatlined.

By design.

A single cell was/is/will define Z’s existence.

This contemplation will cause Z harm.


4.3 days since the dB paroxysm.

6:22 a.m.

Dr. Valentina Marin finishes her third double-espresso. Val notices that she is counting the number of cups of coffee she’s swilled. Stop. Focus. Waste of time. These thoughts waft gently into her mindset, then throw a barrier up in finding a reason, the “why?”

Karen, Dr. Capri, demanded a lot since the incident. Val held her tongue during those “meetings.” She had no fear for holding her position. It just wasn’t time to bring her down. Yet.

Val checks the calibrations of the new console. Again. She’s satisfied with the results. But, she was satisfied when Z entered the pod, sealing it against the world. She noticed a sigh settling around her. It took her half a moment for her to tune into herself as the silent H slipped away.

Pushing away from the console, Val stood, contorted her neck and shoulders, and began to leave for another espresso.


Into darkness, Val came.

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