JANICULUM AT A JUNCTURE: Liquid Time A to Z Blog Challenge 2021




“Time brings all things to pass.” ~ ~ Aeschylus

elsEwhen XI

Z ░ V

Z ▒ V




The Goddess strode into Janiculum through the Gates of Prógramma Spoudón. Her long, unbound hair trailed, tendrils caressing those in her wake. The colors shifted with every other step, taking on the hues of the flowers of the land. Some colors came from other realities, yet none in her presence remarked on the uniqueness. Tall, shapely, skin of a golden-olive hue, caught each eye, young and old alike.

The city-state was festooned with garlands of the sweetest aroma of the scythed. Purple hued feathery fronds, strung through the masses of golds, reds, yellows, and blues. It had taken a harvest to adorn the Goddess Alcyeyx’s walk way to her temple.

Deep genuflections as she passed. The muddy streets stained the linen Himation the populace wore. None were concerned. Their Goddess had arrived. Cheers of “Bless the Winds. Bless the Seas” reverberated throughout. The surrounding mountains concurred in receding echo.

Omens of dire times to come were brushed away with Alcyeyx’s arrival. The Oracle of the Peak wailed her laments to deaf ears once the Goddess arrived. Submitting to the inevitable, the Oracle retreated before the Sun vanished into the ocean. She knew she would return. After.

Rituals were cast, wine flowed, the food was plentiful. Everything was carried to excess. Children with slightly bloated bellies lay fast asleep on straw, patches of grass, and the shorn gardens. They nestled in the land of dreams.

The wine was never ending. Alcyeyx bequeathed that to her people, her devotees, her sacrificial stream. The crowds grew raucous as the skies went black. Fights were few; love making was key. Other lands degraded their festivals, the obscene, to them, rendering of garments, the cries of passions, the coming of more children being placed.

All of those in Janiculum were lost in their revels, as was Alcyeyx. Many women of youth and of age tasted the Goddess’s lips, felt the strong soft gliding over their unadorned flesh. As many came to Alcyeyx as she went to her worshippers. All were left beyond sated.


Except Alcyeyx, whose inner turmoil, the two sides of her constantly clashing, left part of her drained as the other part was elated. This had been the way of things since their metamorphosis. Two strong essences tugged, one always angry, the other mad. Or so the Angry One crowed.

Ten times ten², or when counting ended, were the battles, the pleas, the promises…

Z always called V out on the promises. For a while after, things would subside.

The call of the winds at the ascending sun found Alcyeyx looking beyond the walls of this beloved stronghold. Janiculum was one of the few things they embraced. Yet, the need for elsEwhen called.

The Goddess lifted her arms, raised her chin, and felt the West Wind blow her hair East.

If anyone had been awake at this juncture, they would surely have noticed the golden-olive hued Kingfisher take to the skies and then…

Khione, Nymph of contempt and snow, took satisfaction in Alcyeyx’s leave-taking.

Now, it was Khione’s time to take.


The Kingfisher squabbled with itself, as it phased into the void.

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    • Hi Debs: I hope this will clarify things a bit (it does for me)

      A to I was the first part/Arc. (10 chapters)
      J starts the second part/Arc. Should go to R. = 4/13 to 4/21 (8 chapters)
      S to Z final act/arc = 4/228 to 4/30 ( 7 chapters; epilogue)

      You’ll be ready (maybe) for the next jump(s).
      I know I’m not.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Shari
      I can’t wait to see what I’ll write today as well. I have like five directions I want to use; not happy with what I started earlier.
      I’ve procrastinated the day away.

      This is what I laid out for Debs

      A to I was the first part/Arc. (10 chapters)
      J starts the second part/Arc. Should go to R. = 4/13 to 4/21 (8 chapters)
      S to Z final act/arc = 4/22 to 4/30 ( 7 chapters; epilogue)

      There MIGHT be a break elsEwhen on the 16th; next on the 22nd; 27th on would be the last women walking ending(s).

      ok. I just gave myself a headache with that last bit. Is that ME organizing?? ME???
      An outline???????

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  1. As I’ve said before, your work is unique, but picking up on Iain K’s comments from a couple of days ago, you might want to check out The Quantum Thief and the Deepgate Codex as possibly relevant when pitching this to an agent/publisher.

    Sorry it’s taken me so long to catch up – have just discovered an anthology that looks like it might be a good fit for a spin-off short story about Billy, so trying to make headway with that.

    David – @BreakerOfThings from
    Fiction Can Be Fun
    Saying hello as part of the #A2ZChallenge

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey David, no worries. I’ve been lagging with way too many blogs to check in on. I got some done Sunday/Monday. I think Wednesday will be another strafing read of blogs.

    I just ordered both books from the library system. Are these books I should read AFTER Liquid Time is finished? Hmmm. I’ll put them on Suspend just in case.

    Thank you

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  3. Wow. Great prose, here (as always). And it was a nice change of pace, and at the same time an intriguing new development. It was nice to have something so sensory, here. Not that the other passages haven’t been sensory, but this felt extremely so.


    • Thank you, Melanie. I’m glad everyone liked the change of pace and style. There will be a few more, then the final three A to Z posts (at this point in my thoughts).


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