NEVER THEN: Liquid Time A to Z Blogging Challenge 2021




“Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them.” ~ ~ Dion Boucicault

And Khronos took notice. Once noticed it remains noticed, an open loop that takes in what was before/what is now/what will be to come. Keeper of Time. Lord of Time. A god at the same time beyond what (ZV) could ever conceive of. Though, they are close. Time, in their grasp. Time, pulling them. Time, the endless possibilities, reconstructions, revisions, creation, immortal. To be Khronos. To be gods. To be THE Titan.

(ZV) was reaching/was holding/HAD HELD…


So it was

(ZV) is not there.

Not here.

Disassembled to elementary particles

Then disassembled again



Z careens off of time lines, beginnings, endings, middles.

V is spread like a schmear across parallel universes

They cross paths as they zig zag in and out of dimensions

Time has no meaning

Khronos notices the irony

Z is lost in the absolute infinity

Valentina trespasses in her wake

Val descends into Zehara, a Mobius strip

A thousand-thousands of their beings are obliterated

To get back to a lab

one moment


It is not precise this time

They float, together, in front of Karen.

This is the day (ZV) doesn’t die.

It was (ZV)’s thought to do so

But never the intention.

Comments are always welcome and appreciated.

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    • You question yourself too deeply in your observations, padawan.
      Love that sentence ender: “Khronos would see a lot, seeing you.”
      Might become one of the quotes I use.

      Q: Mel, do you see the connections with the quotes to what I’ve written for the day?

      Liked by 1 person

      • A: here, I do. And often I think I’ve seen a connection, beyond “they are all about time.” But I can’t say I have always specifically focused on that connection. I will look more carefully at that, in your future posts.


  1. “Once noticed it remains noticed” Even though this isn’t one of your quotes, it will become a quote I’m adding to my journal and one I suspect I will use for some time. It will, of course, be attributed to you Stu. This post has left me churned up emotionally – not sure why yet. I may have to sit with the emotions to find out.

    A-Zing from Fiction Can Be Fun
    Normally found at Debs Despatches


    • Hi Debs
      Thank you. I don’t think I’ve ever been honored by being quoted.
      “Once noticed it remains noticed.” ~ Stuart Nager
      I like it.
      Now I need to make that a Tee Shirt.

      Liquid Time takes Philosophy over (Emotions + Mythology) = Mean/?

      I give myself headaches over all of this.

      Keep Calm and Carry On


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