Prose Poetry


Fairy tale skin depicting scenes from a life not well lived. Agony assaults all altruistic attempts. Nothing is an infinity stretch of trying, wanting, desiring, keening, knowing the life holds little to no meaning. It never was meant to be.

Elbow skin slides, forming a tattooed landscape on elephant hide. Among the folds, the hills and valleys terraforming the landscape, are glimpses of the wrongs done. To you. By you. Instilled within. The held hands drop away, the fluttering blood pulses quell their rush to stillness. It feels like death every time a new scene appears. It is an eternal mourning of being left. With yourself. Only. Yourself.

This is the middle. The beginning is brighter, but still holds its shadows. The pain tries to darken the light, gaining some ground until a retreat is sounded. The true essence of smiles, laughter, playing around, being astounded, learning; they are all there. Hold to them.

The end is different. The middle’s grasp is cavernous. It eats away, eats away, eats and eats until a void claims its place. It doesn’t have to be this way. That is known. It is not accepted, but it is.

I created and host A Prompting of Writers group on Poets and Writers Groups. The sessions take place on Saturdays, 10:00 am to Noon, EST/EDT. The group will remain remote: today there were members from Germany, Thailand, and coast to coast across the US. If interested, visit It is a Host platform, a Virtual Remote platform, and has an extensive amount of resources available.

The above is from a prompt challenge that I generated. I write day of, after I’ve presented the prompt and challenge to the attendees.

The prompt was Fairy tale skin depicting scenes from...” Lyric from Bad Karma by David Bowie.

The challenge: Prose Poetry

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Yeah, it’s been awhile.

In full transparency, I detest WordPress’s “new” Block format. I do know that there is/was a function for Classic Editor. It has never stayed IN Classic Editor for me, reverting far too easily to this horrid block editing style. This is my opinion. If you like/love it: enjoy. I don’t. Please accept that.

I am looking for a new home for Tale Spinning. Just haven’t had the time to do the research to my satisfaction. Unless the Powers That Be of WordPress can wave a wand and fix this, I doubt Tale Spinning will remain hosted here after the New Year.

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