That’d Be Telling: Halloween 2022

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Tingly Tales of Terror for the Ripened of Age

A program ranging from tales of Poe to tales of Woe

From the depths of the Louisiana Swamps to the American Plains

A Cat from Chelm and a Vampyre Unknown

Book Now

We’ll Find Out What The Dark Night Brings.

Please Contact Stuart regarding booking dates and pricing at:

We apologize, but we are not offering programs for Children under 18 or for families this season due to the Halloween themes. They should not be present in the audience.

All bookings must include a $200.00 deposit (no less than two weeks prior to the performance). Deposits are non-refundable if the event is canceled 48 hours or less.

The remainder will be paid to the performer before the show commences. This is non-negotiable.


About Stu

I am 100% Creative. I follow my passions: Conceptualizer, Professional Storyteller; Published author, NYS Certified Drama Teacher, Teaching Artist of Theater Arts, and Creative Writing. Arts organizer with an entrepreneurial spirit.

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