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They Ran

Photograph by Shari Marshall ©


Propped up by the blasted wall, seven faced their executioners.

Each of the seven different from the other, facing seven of one kind, their weapons raised.

“This is war,” echoed in seven languages, “and you ran. No excuses. No pleas. No last words, signs, or prayers. Nothing. You ran. Others of your kind died. It would have been the same if you aimed at them yourselves and fired.”

A nod. Of the runners: three fell; one cut in half; one shattered; another fused into the wall; one vaporized.

Seven colored fluids pooled; the only mix allowed beyond the Rim worlds.


Author’s Note: The picture above, by Shari Marshall, was a prompt posted on her page, Writing is Communication. The prompt was to use her photo, created your tale on your own blog, then post a link to your story in her comments section.  We each see what we see in the photo. This was my take.

I also did this as a Drabble (100 words exact). Beyond posting a link, and using the photo prompt, you can go anywhere with the photo.

Give it a shot.

Pun intended.



Brrrr…everything was chattering.  It was frigid , so I went looking for a place to stay warm, maybe take a little nip to keep me hot and toasty all over. Oooo…looky. I’ll float over and latch on, just under the collar. YUM! Blood, oozey and totally…wow! WOW! What’s THAT…it’s…spicy…oh, someone’s eating some really hot food! THANK YOU! Gracias. Dhanyavad!

Hey, hey…HEY! Get your fingers off me, bud! Stop it…sto…oh damn. Here comes the cigarette. I better get off, back in the water, or it’s ‘bye bye’me! Damnit. Cold again. You’d think he’d never recover from a leeching. Geez.


Another fun little challenge: Tracy Chapman’s Hump Day Challenge.  Tracy wrote: “The rules are simple. Incorporate the five words below into a story of no more than 100 words. Post your story directly into the comments section.”

The five words for today were: Spicy, Collar, Blood, Recover and Frigid.

The challenge is open until Thursday, 6/16 at Noon EST. Have fun.

This pic has nothing to do with the story. Just liked it.