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The Cool Ones


The cool ones gathered in the staircase. The four blondes sneered at the Freshmen, two weeks into school and looking not as frightened as they did when they started. Janice, the leader of the pack, stuck her left leg out just so, causing a short brunette in braces and two year old jeans to trip and drop her books.

They all laughed, making clucking noises and looking innocent like demons.

“Yo, dork. You need to be more careful in these stairs. Don’t want you getting hurt, now, do we?” Janice sidled up to the girl, who was beneath her notice to even think of knowing her name. She whispered, “you tell anyone, anything, and You. Will. Be. Very. Very. Sorry. Got me?”

The girl nodded, a few tears letting loose, wiped away with a dribble of snot. As she shot up the remaining stairs, Janice and the others headed down. They were all smiling shit eating grins, bumping into other lowlife scum on the way down.

Janice turned to her clique. “See ya later girls!”

They all went their separate ways for the next period.

Janice entered her room. “Hello, Class.”

As one, the students straightened up. “Good Afternoon, Ms. Russell.”


#5MinuteFiction is a fun weekly contest. At 1:30pm EST, Leah Peterson posts a prompt. You have five minutes to write it, check it over, then post it. By 1:45, time is up. She normally has a Guest Judge pick five finalists, and by 3:00pm EST, the voting opens until 9:00am EST the next morning. This happens every Tuesday, so if you can write at that time, join in. If not, read the finalists and vote for your favorite.

This week, the prompt was High School. Hope you like my take on it. I didn’t make the finalists, but please click on the link, read the five short pieces, and vote for your favorite. Thanks.