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Sonnet: He Was the Melody


He was the melody, and she the beat

Not what one would expect, not in the least

Configured differently they were complete

What is love? It’s the nature of the beast.

With grace, with caring, with such complete ease

They moved and mixed with precision so true

The music they make, from them sadness flees;

Nothing could tear them apart, nor should do.

But, what if he beat, and she melody?

What if their music discordant, it makes

Forced apart; so there be melancholy?

Two  not drift as one, sadly for their sake.

They grew more together than one alone

Rejoice! For they have nothing to atone.


Art by Portia Burton

If anyone is wondering where my fiction/poetry has been this week, I’m writing a 10,000 word submission, plus getting the Rule of Three blog challenge up, so…I just needed to jot something down. This came from watching an indie band that I follow. Portia’s art came later. Hope you like it.