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Papers of Pain


Amidst the debris of clutter, among the years of things piled upon, chaotic shoving in of spaces, of things of little to no importance due to the distance of time, papers of pain were uncovered. A history unfolded in short passages, messages, of people passed on, most forgotten or unknown to the one riffling through the quagmire of emotions that the refuse brings.

Losing one’s parents is hard enough; uncovering aspects of them that you only thought you knew becomes the harder part to take in.

“Please forgive me…” began way too many letters, or messages in holiday/birthday cards, found among the leavings. Reading what he did was painful enough, so Bill only skimmed along, tossing, tossing, tossing…keeping a short pile that he knew he would confront at another time. Not now, not so soon, and maybe…maybe never.  Private thoughts that now are laid bare, never for his eyes in the first place. He thought: Do I have the right/need to know any of this?

Short words of “Love,…,” saying so little, punctuated by messages that left messages of hope and caring, of hurt, pain, and an end to suffering. Is that how they lived for so long, Bill thought, even as he knew the answer. He hoped to escape the yelling, the push and pull games, the neediness from such a young age, and he ran out as fast as he could when he was younger. He knew, though, he could not just abandon, for their world crashed down upon them, and with that crashing he became one of the broken pieces, held together with glue and tape, shattered enough, strong enough. At times.

And then…then, buried snatches of the other. There were the messages of love he now found. They were concealed among the many non-meaning platitudes. They were not long, snippets only, words of caring, of hope, of praise, of cleansing. Bill read these, everyone of them, in full, sometimes again and again. He weighed these few against the pile of pain, and while his own heart was heavy, his chest tight, his stomach roiling…he weighed the messages of love against those of suffering.

Shaking his head to clear the conflict inside, Bill put them all together in one bag, sealing it for now. They could lay still and silent, or battle amongst themselves in the bag.  He held his parents in his hands, their words, their wounds,  and their care and concern for each other. It was one weight, one mass, and he felt it was equal, balanced enough, as he carried it away with him.

The Lumpy Casserole


The  lumpy casserole moved across the tile floor after the cat. Knocked off the table, by said cat, and tasted, it was spit out and ignored. The amorphous meal wanted revenge. IT was made with tender, delicate love by Katie for Father’s Day. She had mixed into it all she could get her hands on. It was glazed with a riot of colors, sprinkles and all the odds and ends she could thrust into the dish.

The cat, asleep, was suddenly engulfed, consumed, and was not spit out.

“OH NO!” cried Katie, seeing her work on the floor.

It purred.


This was a prompt piece, where we were given the five words in bold above. We could write what we wanted, and it had to be 100 words or less. Mine: right on the nose: 100 Words!

The Rule of Three Blogfest

I’ll keep reminding folks about this: I’m co-hosting a creative fiction writing blogfest that will run in October, 2011. I created a shared world (the town of Renaissance) for you to set your story in. YOU need to create THREE characters set in Renaissance. How they interact, or not, is totally up to the writer. Four posts total: each post 500-600 words. Three weeks of character set up, a final week post culminating your tale.

For the full set up of Renaissance and the Guidelines, CLICK HERE.

For the First Prompt, CLICK HERE.

The Teaser Trailer for Renaissance: