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(free) Falling, In Love


The Imp De-arched at her hips, catching the air in a pocket, as she fell to the Earth. She flattened her torso, elongated her legs and arms, and accelerated up. Gaining altitude, The Imp went into Mantis position and flew in a more aero-dynamic position. Free falling wasn’t the problem right now: getting into position and keeping an attainable speed was.

She was a blur of black (her outfit of Kevlar-decked leather) and white (her hair and skin) against a really blue sky. Just as she began to curse him out, she heard Moonlight’s voice…singing.

Timeeeee, is on my side…yes it is…oh, time time time…is on my side..”

Moonlight flew up underneath her, matched her speed, said “Hi, Imp. Whatcha doin?” with a realllllly big smirk. He created his own air pocket, so sound didn’t trail away. Right now, she wanted to puncture that pocket, and him.

He took her in his arms and slowed down, taking the easy way down to the ground. He circled around like a Flash Gordon serial rocket ship; he just didn’t sputter sparks or make noise when he did so. Moonlight also knew Imp hated spirals.

“I will kill you,” she said, “ONCE you get me safely on the ground!”

“Nuh uh!”

Sighing,  she didn’t have to see his face to know how much he was enjoying this.  “Look, cretin, you don’t always have to save me. I know that’s on your itty-bitty mind. This was a fluke.”

“Uh-huh. Fluke. By my calculations, you’ve had eleven flukes in the last nine months. Wait. Twelve. This makes twelve. One more is a bakers dozen.”

The Imp smacked him in the arm, more for knowing the count  than anything else. They landed-a little harder then she thought he had to-and, upon standing upright,  looked him in the eyes, right index finger pounding on his chest. She wished she had Super Nails at that moment.

“YOU are a Class-A Jerk, with a capital ERK! All the times I’ve used my powers to futz up machinery and traps that would have caused even you a major hard pain in the bu…”

Phil (Moonlight) stopped her with a well timed kiss. Amy (The Imp)kissed him back, then pushed him away.

“That is SO not fair, mister. I have a right to be ticked off at you. YOU took your sweet time in…damn.”

“In…what? Hmmm? In what, did you say?”

She glared at him.

“OK, OK…I am sorry. Really. Look. Cross my heart!” Moonlight smiled, then looked up in the air from where they flew down. “Dr. Pirate…”

“What a STUPID name. Throwing me out of his airship…”

“Dr. Pirate is circling around. Looks like he want’s to prove something to us. Wanna go pay an airship call?”

The Imp fixed her outfit, smoothed down her hair, adjusted her goggles, held our her arms and said “Carry me!”

Up, up and…

Je t’aime, François Laurent le Vieux d’Arlandes


Photo by: Melissa R. Bickel
Short Story Slam  (the prompt is the photo above)

Je t’aime, François Laurent le Vieux d’Arlandes

Marie Magdeleine Pilâtre de Rozier stared at the globe aérostatique. The polka-dotted Rozière balloon, the hybrid type named after her ancestor, floated, waiting, for her.  A strong breeze blew auburn hair in her face, and a white laced gloved hand carefully tucked it back in place, pinning it back with her antique Cloisonne Barrette. With the wind at her back, Marie advanced upon the air craft.

Mlle. Pilâtre de Rozier felt all eyes were on her as she walked along. Staring straight at the object of her desire, Marie got to the basket. Her pilot nodded, held out  his hand to help before he remembered and pulled it back. Marie gave him a sharp look as she vaulted over the side, her skirt flying. She landed, gracefully, settled her outfit, and took her spot.

The pilot, Henri, gave her lace gloves a scowl and shoved his own hands into his leather ones. Checking one last time that the burner was properly working and the envelope was filled with the hot air, he signaled the ground crew. With a slight jerk the craft began to rise. Marie caught one of the lines of the gondola, steadying herself.

As she rose in the air, Marie swayed in the wind. Her eyes closed for a moment, she drifted high above the trees, above the rolling blue river, just high enough to almost kiss the clouds. This was her peace. This was her bliss. Soaring above it all, the noise of the fire rushing up the only thing that broke the drift silence.

Eyelids rising, Marie took in the view. She opened herself up to the beauty of it all. It flowed through her, more intimate and complete then  any other experience she’s ever had. This flight, the last she would take in this magnificent ‘gas bag’ before she had to turn it over to the new owners, was magic.

The sun was beginning to set, time had passed while Marie was lost in the wonder. Henri coerced the vent to open, allowing some of the trapped hot air escape, and they started their descent.

“So soon?” she asked him, imploring in those two words for more time.  Henri, used to this question,  pointed at the setting sun with an open palm, and she knew he was right.

Mlle. Marie Magdeleine Pilâtre de Rozier sighed, drawing in the vista that surrounded her. “Je t’aime, je t’aime, ” she whispered, as the ground came up to meet them.

Night Abduction: Jade Ruby Steampunk Adventures


Night Abduction ©2011 `girltripped

Jade Ruby’s lips were turning blue. She had been flying high, staying out of the sensors reaches. Too much longer at this altitude and she’d freeze all over. Jade dipped her Acacia wood wings and dropped hundreds of feet. Too fast. Her breath caught in her throat where her heart was also trying to escape from. She leveled out, still above the sensors (she prayed), and hit the SteamBird 4.0 L V7 8 stroke control, sending her spiraling forward. Soon, Jade was over the rebel camp base.

Her NiteGoggles 10X fit tightly and worked better than expected. The heat signatures of Kad’s captors came into view as Jade cut the engine, and power-glided down to the copse of  trees behind their base. The wings folded up and around her back, a thick wooden armor to protect her from rear attacks. It was heavy, and not the easiest  thing to move in, but that and her Brighid leather jacket and britches, had saved her life a few times. Jade would rather live with the struggle then not live.

Jade drew her Cogswell Pepperbox 12 shot percussion revolvers out from under her jacket. Checking once again that they were fully loaded, Jade made sure  that each foot she placed did not break a twig, kick a stone, or get caught in an upraised root, sending her sprawling. Her advance was slow but sure. It took her close to three quarters of an hour to make it to the tent that had only glowing aura.  Kad’s. Jade was sure of it, checking the responsor meter that it matched.

Her best friend since childhood, Kad always got herself in trouble by doing what she always wanted to do.  Kad wanted to be friends with Jade, the Captain’s daughter, and she made it happen. Kad led Jade into more scrapes, more scoldings and more fun then Jade felt she would ever had experienced, if Kad had not come into her life. There was no way she was going to let Kad get hurt if she could help it.

Jade thumped out, on the base of the taut tent fabric, the pattern that was a secret message between the two of them: two hard beats, followed by three staccato beats. “It’s me…I am here.” Jade waited for the answer back, but instead her Kad laugh.

“Took ya long enough. Get me outta here!” Loud enough for Jade to hear. She hoped she was the only one who heard it.

Putting away one Pepperbox, Jade drew out her Bowie Outrider and sawed through the thick material. She caught a glimpse of Kad looking at her.



The slit in the tent wall opened enough for Jade to slide through. Using the knife, she cut away at the rope bonds holding Kad prisoner against the inner tent pole. Kad stood up and stretched, stifling a “oh God it’s good to stand!” groan, and smiled. She was half a head taller then Jade. Looking slightly down, she bent over and gave her a long hard hug, and an equally long hard kiss.

Jade pushed her away, just slightly. “I missed that, but we have to get the hell out of here before the Rebs stumble in here.” She looked Kad over, mussed up and black and blue over her left eye, her lip swollen, and parts of her attire torn. “You  OK?”

A slight nod, never taking her eyes off of Jade’s, and then Kad went over to the trunk that was to the right side of the tent. “Give me your Outrider, Jade.” Jade did, and Kad had the knife point into the trunk lock and picked it open in no time flat. Handing the knife to Jade, over her shoulder with the hilt towards her, Kad opened the trunk lid.

Inside was her equipment. Her Steambird, her pistols, her Acadia wood wings, her leather jacket. Putting them on, Kad turned just as the Reb Captain, whose tent they were in, walked through the front flap.

Before he could draw a weapon or call out more then a “Wh..” Jade hit him twice with the butt of her gun, surrounded by the leather glove on her hand. The Captain went down. Jade asked “Did this bastard do anything more to you then the  eye and lip?”

Kad walked over and kicked the Reb in the face. She just looked at Jade. Finishing putting on her gear, Kad told Jade to take some of the rope that held her and to bind “that bastard” on the ground.

“We’re taking him with us, Jade. He’s one of their Caps, knows more than he should. That’s good for our side, bad for him. You ready?”

Jade starred at the heap on the ground and sorely wanted to blast a hole through his head. Without looking at Kad, she asked “You think he’ll be that much use?” Kad walked over, put her  hand over Jade’s hand that was holding the pistol, and with the other she lifted Jade’s chin. She nodded.

Putting away her Cogswell, Jade helped Kad get the Rebel out of the back slit, along the way she came, and through the copse. Springing forth their wings, locking them in place, Jade and Kad held onto the Cap between then, using harness rigging they normally use to carry parcels. It would be uncomfortable for him, and neither of them could care less.

Hoping they were far enough away from the camp, they powered up. Just as they were ready to go, they heard a commotion behind them.

“Guess we better get outta her now,” Kad said, syncing up with Jade for their launch.

Jade looked over. “Love you!”

“Same here!”

They hit the control at the same time, and soared into the sky with their “prize.”


Author’s Note: I came across the photo that graces the top of this story at deviantART.com.  It is by a duo named girltripped, and I want to thank them for allowing me to use it. I was inspired to write SOMETHING when I first saw it. I love Steampunk, and the books of Cherie Priest. This visual just felt like something she might write about, so…it’s my “fan fiction” homage to her writing and to the picture. Hope you like it. It’s my first foray into the world of Steampunk.