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Flesh Becomes Water


Image Credit: Art at google.com


She went to bed with “Walk On The Ocean” playing in her head. The concert was amazing, and Toad the Wet Sprocket killed. “…walk on the ocean…step on the stones…flesh becomes water…wood becomes bone…” played for Danielle in a musical loop, and she smiled as she drifted off to sleep, the words trailing away, soft off her lips…

The rush of the ocean water came towards her. Gulls screamed as they dove and soared, arcing in the sky over her and away. She knew she had been here, on the beach, toes mingled in the sand for a long time. The lantern she held had gone cold and dark, but the coming dawn light was all she needed.
It wasn’t cold, even though her nightgown blew in the wind. Danielle stood starting at the approaching ship. She squinted into the new day light, looking for a sign from the approaching craft. She felt she should know it. There was no dread, no fear, just utter calm inside of her. The tide was swift and looked rough, but the vessel glided atop the waves.
“Who are you, that I’m waiting here for?” she thought. It moved, but got no closer. An ache began as Danielle wanted to know who was on that ship, what was there for her. The ship just swayed on the waves and the wind, making no headway. The light of the dawn topped the mast, consumed it, and then all was gone.
The lantern fell. The lighthouse broke apart and drifted away. The sand became cold, and the water surged closer to Danielle. She felt a loss, but she had no idea of what. She wanted to walk forward, search for the ship, search for what she felt she was missing, search…

Danielle woke up. Her cheeks were wet. She realized she had been crying, and she didn’t know why.  Wrapping her arms around her legs as she drew them up to her chest, Danielle lay awake, dreaming.

Flesh becomes water.


Once again I’ve written off of Bluebell Books Short Story Slam. The only prompt was the picture that is atop this post.

The rules: Create a story or a poem inspired by the image provided, have fun!  Hope you like what I did.