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From A to Z: D(umb, founded)


Part 1: The Lesser of Two Evils

Part 2: Dumb, Founded

Winston walked briskly down the street to his office. He had that constant smile on, not totally fake but not totally sincere either. Winston’s smile. It was as practiced as how he brushed his teeth (set at a 45 degree angle along the gumline, using a vibrating back and forth rolling motion, 2-3 teeth at a time, until all were done on top. Then on the bottom. Repeat). His smile never wavered from it’s position. He let the smile make eye contact with the people he passed.

Arriving at his office at exactly 8:45 am, on the dot, Winston unlocked the door with a sigh and his polished keys, and entered. Ms. Hemple would arrive at 9:02, late as usual. Today, Winston did not care. Well, yes, he did, but he decided it was not as important as the whole of today would be. It was the lesser of two evils, he surmised.

Walking around his desk, pulling out his chair, Winston positioned himself. Flipping on his computer monitor, he waited the 8.2 seconds it needed to wake up. Lit and ready, Winston began his search for the perfect fool.