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Update: World Storytelling Day, March 20th in White Plains NY


Well, from nothing to something in less than a week. There’s a folklore story in there for another time.

Sunday, March 20th, from 3:00 to 5:00 PM, our first Annual World Storytelling Day will take place on the PACE University White Plains Campus. Held in the beautiful Preston Hall’s Tudor Room, the theme of “Water” will float, surge, drift, buoy, course, ebb and flow through the stories being presented.

As of this writing, we have four storytellers: Jonathan Kruk, Ron Sopyla, Melissa Chernowetz, and myself (Stuart Nager). More to come as we firm up our roster. This is being done to support The Center for Literacy Enrichment.

I will be building a site on FB, so look for that posting soon.

Hope to see you as the water tales take us far and wide.

Hello world!


Well, this started off on my Teaching Artist blog. I got excited with the first few results, so..here we are. Creating something new from one sentence fits my improvisation background. Will any of this lead anywhere? Who knows.

Enjoy the ride.