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RevitalWriters: Critique. Done. Write.





This is what has kept me very busy over the last couple of weeks. Michael Grant, Artie Ohanian, and I have put together a Virtual Writer’s Group. RevitalWriters is for writers of any style or genre (poetry; fiction; non-fiction; memoir/biography; etc.) who want/need support for their WIP (Work(s) In Progress). All this leading to achieving a finished manuscript to send off to agents and/or publishers.

The sessions will run every Friday night, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, EST. If you are in any other time zone, if you’d like to become part of the cohort, let us know.

Our Goal: To offer support, encouragement, and constructive critique in a safe space.

We are not a prompt/generative writing group that you join when the planets align. Our intention is that writers serious about their craft get what they need to to finish and submit.

For full details of how each session will be run, visit RevitalWriters.  You’ll find our guidelines, About page, contact information, and upcoming Resource For Writers and Blog pages.

I hope you can join us in our first group meeting at RevitalWriters Session.  Friday, July 10, 2020, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, EST.



I hope to see you there.


Trestle Press Bad Business Practices: Flash Over Removed


This is one of those very rare times that I am not writing fiction here.

It is with a really sad heart that I am writing this: the “publisher” of Trestle Press has removed my eStory, Flash Over, from Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

Without any notice, I got an email this week from the head of Trestle Press:

We feel that it is best that we unpublish your work at this time. Maybe at some point in the future we can work together. Thank you for being nice enough to give us a try and work with us. The rights of your work now belong to you. We wish you the best of luck in your journey; hopefully you will realize your dreams.

I wrote him back, it taking three times to attain clarification as to why he was doing this. This is what I got from him hours later:

To be cold about it: sales are zero, you are not on the social media I have asked everyone to be on, and we are implementing some exciting new things.I need everybody to be on the same page, period.
I understand everyone is an individual and have different needs and forces pulling at them in their lives, but by the same token we have invested time and effort.

Sales are zero: can’t argue with that. I pushed this as much as I could with my readers, but only so many bought it.  He only pushed it one time, as far as I know. As to the social media, I was on everything asked: Goodreads and Facebook. If there was more, I don’t know about it.

What I am angry about is not so much parting ways with a “publishing” group whose owner has been involved in very underhanded methods dealing with unlicensed artwork (see below), but in the way that it was handled.

If I had gotten an email that I needed to step up and do certain things or I’d be let go of my “contract”, that would have been professional and a way for me to respond. I could have done as he wished or said no, let’s cut ties. The “publisher” was never a good communicator, and he handled both this and his other misadventures very poorly.

Many other authors associated with Trestle Press took back their work, not wishing to be associated with the owner. I left Flash Over as it was, deciding that instead of asking for it back it would just be the only piece I’d have with Trestle. Obviously, I am now sorry I didn’t pull it like others did at the time. Live and learn.

Writers Please Take Note/Beware of Trestle Press: If you have thought to work with Trestle Press, please look into their business dealings first before you decide to go with them. The following are only a few articles on what occurred in the early part of 2012. There are many other accounts of the situation.

Trestle Press Dinged for Stealing Cover Art

Trestle Press, Art Thief

The Reprehensible Acts of Trestle Press

The Implosion of a Publishing Company

Interview With The Writer: JC Martin, of Fighter Writer


Why An Interview on Tale Spinning?

I will be co-hosting, in October 2011, a month long Fiction Writers Blog Fest called The Rule of Three. We created a shared world set in the town of Renaissance, gave it it’s setting, some of it’s history, the potential for it’s future…but the stories of the inhabitants of Renaissance, ah…those we’ll find out together. (For my teaser story, click HERE).

All the information will be unleashed on Wednesday, August 31st. Plenty of time to sign into the project. The Basics: create a 3 person story arc, one posting per week for three weeks (with prompts provided if you need them), each posting dealing with the story you are building towards through the POV of one of your three characters. There will be one more posting, the culmination of the story you’ve been telling week by week, one final burst into the story you’ve set in Renaissance.  Yes, very Rashomon.

As to the interviews…I’d like you to meet my c0-hosts.

Interview With The Writer: J.C. Martin

I was recently introduced to JC Martin the person though a shared acquaintance, Damyanti Biswas. I had been familiar with her through her blog, J.C. Martin, Fighter Writer, and I know she is very well known and well liked in the blog universe.

JC is joining Damyanti Biswas, Lisa Vooght and myself as we embark on a fiction writers blogfest that we created. The full announcement will be going up on August 31st, but you can get a sneak peak here (story and link to some of the information). JC brings a lot of writing and blog fest experience to our small but humble group, and we are lucky to have her aboard.

Can you tell the readers about JC Martin the author?

I’m kind of new to the writing world. In the past, I’ve dabbled a bit in writing fan fiction and other bits and bobs, but the last year was my first as a serious writer. To free up more time for writing, I had a career change, leaving school-teaching to become a full time martial arts instructor. So far, I’ve had some short stories published in various anthologies, plus I set up and co-edited the charity anthology Stories for Sendai. I begin querying my novel right about…now! *eep*

Oh, and you can find me blogging at J.C. Martin, Fighter Writer. I’m also on Facebook and on Twitter.

How would you describe your writing style?

Feedback from a couple of agents described my style as “very commercial”, so it looks like I’m not going to be the next Toni Morrison. 😉 Doesn’t bother me, though, as I write stories that are heavy on the action. I like to think of my style as the lovechild of Stephen King and old-school James Patterson: simple, straightforward language, with a heavy-hitting story.

Are you a writer who blogs or a blogger who writes? Is there a difference?

I believe the difference lies behind your intentions of starting a blog. If your blog is there to establish a platform, then you’re a writer who blogs. If you’ve just been keeping an online journal and decided to pursue a career in writing, then you’re a blogger who writes. I’m one of the former. Blogging’s still pretty new to me.

What writer(s) have inspired you, and why?

Stephen King’s perseverance through hardships and his wicked imagination. His part-memoir, part-how-to book On Writing has been one of the most useful books on the craft I’ve read.

What are your thoughts about self publishing? Have you already or do you plan to?

I think it can work if you have marketing savvy and an established fan base, but there is a lot of work involved that will take time away from writing. Apart from Stories for Sendai, and perhaps another short story collection I’m working on, I’m planning on going the traditional route with my novels, just for that extra little bit of guidance along the way. Plus, I believe traditional publishing will expose my book to a wider audience.

I know you like Blogfests. Can you tell us what draws you to them? What was your favorite one?

They can be fantastic writing prompts that really get the creative juices flowing. Plus they are excellent places to meet fellow writers and to discover new talent. I enjoy reading all the different takes on the same theme, and to learn more about my writer pals. I’m not sure if it counts as a blogfest, but I enjoyed Rachael Harrie’s 2nd Writers’ Platform-Building Crusade. The writing challenges were tough but fun, and very useful. Also, any blogfest on writing queries, pitches, or involving an agent is a win in my books!

You are one of the co-hosts of The Rule of Three Fiction Writers Blog Fest. What excites you about this, to take this on?

Damyanti @ amloki approached me about the blogfest, and because she’s a good friend, I knew she must be onto something. I’m excited to read all the fascinating takes on the town of Renaissance by participants that will incorporate the rule of three, plus I’m intrigued by the additional mystery prompts. This sounds like the most challenging blogfest ever! It’s definitely the biggest I’ve helped organize, but I’m in great company!

Anything else you’d like the reader to know?

Can I do a shameless plug here for Stories for Sendai? 100% of profits go towards aid efforts in the earthquake and tsunami hit regions of Japan. There are 19 short stories and a poem written by wonderful writers who contributed their works free for the good of the cause. By purchasing a copy, you’ll not only be doing your bit for charity, you’ll be helping these writers gain some exposure! E-book version available on Amazon and print versions available here and here.

If you could have a summit with world leaders, and they HAD to answer your questions, what two or three questions would you want answered most?

Uh-oh…I’m not a politics/world events kind of gal. Maybe…how they plan on preserving the wildlife in the world’s oceans, rainforests and natural habitats, without compromising the livelihood of the peoples living within or near these habitats? Oh, and it would be awesome if some sort of international writing grant could be set up so writers can concentrate on writing, and not have to get a full time job!  😉


Thank you very much Jin. 

Please come back the next two days, as Lisa (8/29) and Damyanti (8/30)  explore the same questions, and continue to meet the three amazing women I am working with.

Be HERE on August 31st for the full disclosure of The Rule of Three: Renaissance, where everyone has a secret!

Sonnet: O, Controlling


This is not the feeling I want to live

You’re telling me what you want me to be

Deep inside I know something has to give

Because I know it’s not me you do see.

Your expectations of me are unfair.

The petty jealousies only abuse;

I feel myself wither under your glare,

It seems you want to leave me so bemused.

But, casting you out, casting you away

Freeing myself of this knot of true pain

Cutting out the cruelty, freed the day,

Allows me to resurface, live again.

No puppet, I, to twist the knife in so

Instead take it, cut it, and so I go.


Question: is there an ebook of my Sonnets here? Is this something that should seek electronic ink? Or, so it seems. is this nothing but a dream, to take these words that I toss out, are nothing, just air, and less worth to shout? (somebody stop me!!!) 🙂