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The Flavor of your Reply


Her kiss left traces of apples, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and sugars, both dark brown and white. That is what Avrum remembered most of their first kiss. He relished that nights’ memories, but it was the flavor that was transferred to his lips, his breath, that still penetrated deepest, remained clearest, that still brought a smile to him, both inside and out.

It was a short walk outside of her parent’s house, where they could still be viewed for propriety but still…private enough. He had been working up the courage all day to ask her to marry him, and it almost faltered when her father went off on one of his tirades, but looking in Sarah’s eyes reestablished his resolve.

The ground was crunchy with fallen golden and brown leaves. Sarah grasped the top of her coat, tugging on the scarf wound around her neck, when a northern wind whipped across the yard. He took her hand and rubbed it back and forth. She smiled and thanked him, glancing back quickly at the house to see if either of her parents were watching them. No one at the window, Sarah clasped his hands in hers tightly.

Avrum was on his knee proposing before he knew it. Tears welled up in Sarah’s eyes, a large smile and a nod, and she said “yes” without having to think. They kissed, then, in the yard, with the window drapes pulled back and eyes watching. All the mixtures of pleasure and happiness, of the meal they had just finished still on their lips, the future they would share…it was all there in that moment. Her reply was all he had hoped for, and he would relish it for as long as he lived.

Hand in hand, they walked back to her parents house, the front door already opening to welcome them in.


Cream Puffs and Harleys


Cara straddled the tricked out Fat Boy Harley, adjusted the helmet over her curly brunette locks, and put her arms around Thomas. The engine charged the air with it’s power as he brought it to life. Thomas leaned back into her as they took off, and Cara gave one last look at their Thursday night hang out. It had been hours of drinking, eating, dancing, showing off. There were a lot of people milling around: bikers, families, singles and daters. Cara was happy. Everything was cool tonight.

It had been a good night. She hadn’t seen Thom in a few months. They’d both been so busy and their timing just never seemed to be right. Going out on a weekday night, and late too, wasn’t ideal in her mind, but (1) it was his birthday and (2) she needed to just get out and have some fun.

Cara nestled closer to Thom as he took the streets of Manhattan, dodging pot holes and cars who seemed not to care if they were in an accident or not. She thought back on the evening, him being early, picking her up, telling her she looked beautiful, a nice soft kiss…no slobbering. Nice.

Before they even got on their way he made her laugh, going off on one of his wild tangent stories. Seems there was a woman who, from the back, looked like her. That wild curly brunette hair, great build (his words), but she was looking in the wrong direction and digging a hole to China in her shoulder bag. He was amused that it took a long time for that woman to finally find what she had been excavating for: the keys to the apartment building.

“She was up, down, stomping around,” he said. “She bent over and was behind the car…”

“…and she had a nice ass?” Cara asked, smiling.

“Didn’t notice. She was behind the car. Maybe she was laying a trap, booby hatching the car, and then would jump over it like a curly headed Ninja.” He smiled, and his eyes lit up with his mischief making.

Thom gave her a big hug, thanked her for going out with him, and they set off.

Now, on the way back to her place, she went over the evening. “I’ve knew this guy as a childhood friend, then nothing for decades, then out of the blue, he finds me. Three times he finds me, we drift apart, he finds me again.” Cara closes her eyes at this, and is enjoying all the sensations of the evening, the ride home, the wind whipping by her, the closeness of her body to his, and she smiles.

They had talked about relationships, kids, parents, dysfunctioning dysfunctional periods of their lives, telling stories, laughing and questions and advice. Part of the evening felt like analysis, deciphering what made them both tick in certain ways…and it was good in that their was a deep level of trust in the sharing. He told a few stories, shared some ideas, and she critiqued and brought things up that made him stop and think. He just said “thank you.” He asked her about her philosophy of spirituality, and there was a concurrence in this as well. The evening had been an ongoing dialogue that just never got boring, it was intriguing and warm, and just plain fun in so many ways.

A thousand things went through her mind. It had been a truly great evening, and there were things she wanted that she wasn’t sure how to say without the evening going for another few hours.

All this mixed inside of her as she enjoyed sailing down the less crowded streets of upper Manhattan. She was tired, and starting to really fade, and the thought of having to get up again in four hours made her wince, but that was OK. This…was OK. It had been a really good night.

In front of her place, they pulled over so the crazy drivers passed them by. Thom and Cara hugged, and they kissed good night, both of them smiling.

“I owe you that dessert for your Birthday, don’t forget it. Can’t believe four and a half hours went by that fast.”

Thom got all serious for a second, just before she turned away. He stopped her by just touching her chin with a finger. “Hey, I know. Cara…I really want to see you again, and soon.” Cara stopped, a flood of thoughts running through her. “Yes, we will,” and she leaned in for a final hug and walked to her building.

A wolf whistle brought her attention back as she got to the door. “Hey, ever been on a date where one hour felt like a week in hell?” he called out to her.

Yes, Carol thought. “Yes.”

“This wasn’t like that at all.” He winked, they played a few seconds of “you hang up first”, and Cara entered the building as Thom drove off home.