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From A to Z: C(ontempt)



She sneered with every inch of her body, sucking her teeth in dismissal. Her eyes jumped up to the ceiling, over to the window, down to the floor, but never in his direction. Knees bent, feet and arms crossed, fire was coming out of her ears, mouth and nostrils, just about singing her hair.

On and on he went, each rejection of attention only stirring him to dig in deeper, continuing the harangue. She sucked her teeth again, and deeper again, imagined spittle flying from her lips.

She tossed herself around, flinging herself away from the group. Plopping down in her chair, she kicked the desk into another chair, which went skidding and toppled over.

Everyone went silent. He looked at her, finally not talking. She stared, making eye contact for the first time. Fists clenched, nails into her palms, she got up and ran out of the room.

The door slammed behind her.

The Center for Litearcy Enrichment: New Web Page


The Center for Literacy Enrichment

Many moons ago, I had  the privilege of taking an early education class with Sr. St John Delany at the then College of White Plains (which, now, is the campus of PACE Law School).  I had known the Sister more through my then girlfriend, but I quickly came to admire and respect Sr. St John for her intelligence, humor, and welcoming attitude. Even though my time, then, in early education was short lived, what the sister gave to us has stayed with me through the years.

A short time ago, we reconnected, after I started to really utilize LinkedIn. It has been a further extension of admiration  as I get to work with her on programs of literacy and education, things that I have embraced through my performing and educational careers.

Her concerns have remained true: bring your best to the students, be the role model as a leader of the classroom as you are meant to be, and work with the students to achieve set goals and find their successes in what they can do, which is their own individual best…and then reach higher. We just had a discussion, about reaching the students on a level of global acceptance for each other, a desire to learn how to really communicate and create dialogue, and to find ways to break the many social disconnects that so  often create problems were there are none.

Please support the Center for Literacy Enrichment. I do. Join me.