I am co-hosting a Virtual writer’s group on Thursday evenings, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, EST.

This is an ongoing platform for writers who are in the midst of their WIP and want/need: support, constructive critique, and encouraging feedback. Authors that want to  (1) hone their skills (2) expand upon possibilities (3) become part of a Writing Cohort (4) receive help beyond the first to last draft.

Our structure is set up based on Doug Lipman’s The Storytelling Coach:

  1. Share (up to 1,200 words of the WIP)
  2. Receive Appreciations
  3. Suggestions (only if the author wants any)
  4. Questions the author has that were not touched on during appreciations &/or suggestions.
  5. The Big Question: the one that encompasses the whole of what was presented.
  6. The author responds with two words only: “Thank You.”
  7. Take notes. Contemplate. Continue writing.

We ask for a $4.00 donation per/session for out of pocket expenditures.

We have set a ceiling level of 14 committed writers.

A waiting list to join will be initiated once we reach our goal.

To sign up, please go to our MeetUp page HERE

For full details, please visit our Revitalwriters website.