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Tails of the Fox: Nine Haiku’s


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Tails of the Fox: Nine Haiku’s

Our Story Thus Far…

It ancient Japan, Chiyoko had bribed Kitsune, the trickster Fox, with his favorite food, a freshly caught kunimasu salmon that was ready to spawn. From that day forward, Chiyoko would be known, and feared by many, as The Kitsune-Mochi, the Fox Witch. On a path of vengeance against the wicked, The Kitsune-Mochi used the powers of Fox to call on lesser demons (oni) to right wrongs. That is, until she crossed paths with Red Helen, a beautiful oni made up of a hundred-hundred deadly butterflies. Their parting was not amicable.

Fox, while liking being fed, does not like being held under anyone’s sway for too long. He plots to change this…

Dreams of giving chase
Nestled in Fox den; at dark
Fortunes change in light

Embrangled tightly
Fox waits for chance to break free;
Desire, Bidding time

Kitsune-Mochi sits
Trickster Fox food devours
Her will, for now, done

Vengeance Spirits come
Engulf the wicked, ensnare
Fox yawns; time is near

The Fox Witch grows tired
Her grief so long to abate
Lamentable, she

Red Helen, intrigued
Plotting with traitorous Fox
Smiles deadly poison

Asleep, alone; NOW
Driven winds of hundred wings
Deadly red blanket

Curse uttered slowly
Kitsune-Mochi spins away
Defeats betrayal

Fox Witch hunts the Fox
He slinks in shadows and dusk
Wrath is on his tail


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Author’s Note on This Posting:

I was asked to submit a Haiku for a competition by someone who has read my work (mentioning Coconut Music specifically). I haven’t written one in about five years, even though I do it with students. The compliment got me thinking, and drove me to try a new tactic for this series, which I do love. I hope it works on some narrative level, even if you’re not familiar with the myth or the previous work I’ve written on this. I’d appreciate any comments you might have. Thanks.