Plans Not Fulfilled

They made plans for the holiday
Their respective children far away
Each left alone, they turned to their common bond
Of husbands long since gone
Of phone calls and lunches
Of shopping trips and excuses
Of growing older
Then one passes away
A month before the plan was to be engaged
And the one, who was already bereaving,
Bereaves anew, alone
And there is no communication
And there is no plan, anymore
What does she think, on this day?
What is she feeling deep inside?
What is the sorrow she is feeling…
For herself, her friend, or both?
They made plans for the holiday
So they would not be alone

4 responses »

  1. Dear Stuart: I want you to know how Thankful I am to have a good friend like you. I know that now is difficult for you, but as this works through, strength will come, individually and together… I hope this note finds you both well, and secure in the knowledge that you are loved and cared for. Rachael and Clay send their love, as does Gayle. You’re always in our hearts and mind.


  2. Thank you Rich and family…the same feelings here. This was about Mom..she had made plans to spend Thanksgiving with her friend, and I didn’t reach out to her and see if she made other arrangements. This was just inside, and needed to be expressed.


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