INTERVAL: Liquid Time A to Z Blog Challenge 2021



Liquid Time

A to Z Blog Challenge

“Time is the fire in which we burn.” ~ ~ Gene Roddenberry

In between ‘It was…,

and moments before Z popped up.

Valentina + Void = inner jabbering.

Val’s short, shallow breathing climbed expositionally

with the beating pulsations of her heart.

98.8° F (37.1° C) ratcheted to (180°F − 32) × 5/9 = 82.222°C.

Nerves destroyed. Pain<3rd° burns.

Val is charred to basics.

Her chest continued to tighten and contort.

Guts flipped flopped non-stop.

Her mind pinballed.

Valentina’s body became its own Tower of Babel.

And ‘…too much’

Z’s appearance was announced by a pin-point of light.

Z was. Here. There.

Val’s extremes halted to numbness.


Sweat encased her.

She couldn’t move nor speak.

Spitting was out of the question.

She could not do anything of a physical nature.

Z, from There:

“Hello, Valentina.”

Val felt the words enter, not aural vibrations but cerebral contact.

Her head would have snapped back if it could have moved. She lost consciousness.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Val came back.

“I’m sorry, Valentina. Guess I don’t know my own strength.”

Z attempted to smile. Val knew the referencing Z was making. She was not amused.

She let Z know that.

“I thought it…Never mind.


Yes, I know I always...


Valentina, those language concepts mean nothing, never will mean anything. They have.”

Z halved the distance between them.



What did you promise me?

What did you promise me between kisses, between acts of loves and fucks.

The truth is: I took you in, full trust, full vulnerability.

That you wavered? That you lied to yourself?

I loved you I loved you I loved you!

I love you.

Now, and whatever forever means.

That is why.


We are here.



I’ve thrown off Zehara.

I was not a star.

I offered no radiance.

Zehara…she is the past.

It is time to uphold promises.”

Z was there.

Face to face with Valentina.

To Val.

To V.

Z brushed her lips over V’s.


End of Arc One

Arc Two of Liquid Time begins Monday, April 12, 2021.

Stay Safe and Healthy

Comments are always welcome.

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  1. Just catching up Stu, these posts are amazing, so creative and inventive and unique, and dare I say it, deserving of a platform wider than the A-Z. Any plans to try and turn this into a novel or novella? I feel I need to give the story more time than the month of A-Z craziness allows. Z and Val are intriguing.


  2. Iian, thank you. I really, really appreciate these comments. I’ve felt the enormity that I’m creating here. I’m excited that so many people (mainly being expressed verbally) have glommed onto Liquid Time.

    I’m not sure what this will end up yet. I usually don’t think of novelizing/rewriting/reworking what I put down here. As much as I’m not crazy about self-publishing, I think I may have to change my disposition to that route.

    Sigh. If only an agent stumbled upon this and shouted “Eureka!” or whatever agents shout when they are excited about a “new” author. Maybe they do a ritualized Interpretive Dance.

    Again, thanks, Iian.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Debs. Yes, they have a past/present/future. Creepy? Dark, yes. Thanks for the compliment.

      There’s one thing that no one has mentioned. Yet.

      The red italic sentence above the blue box TRANSITION.

      I’ll wait.
      Well, until J pops up on Monday the 12th.

      Liked by 1 person

      • They may be short, but they are mighty…
        There’s always so much detail crammed into your posts that I inevitably miss some.


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