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Wind, Over Dirt


Feet are planted on the sodden earth. The milling around, jockeying for positions, too close, not far enough, has ended. Heads are bowed, hands are clasped or reach out to touch another. All are quiet, now, but that silence is shaken by the wind that picks up speed, sending hair and head coverings aloft. A multitude of hands pat things back in place, murmurings of comments are made and subside, back to the quiet of the morning.

The cantor speaks, and there spills out an evocation of the life they have all come to honor. There are drawn faces, lowered eyes, huddled bodies, all straining in listening to the words that belay what has been lost. And tears…there are tears, wiped up with crumpled tissues, or left to drip down, from eye to cheek, cheek to chin, chin to hang there, until they fall on the ground.

It is not the only moisture falling. Rain, which had passed by earlier, returns. A few drops  splatter down on the mourners, or miss,  taken by the grass. The drops from the sky turn to a drizzle; from drizzle, to a steady stream. Umbrellas are handed out by the cemetery man. Not everyone takes one. The cantor is protected, as is the widow and one of her children. The son lets the proceeding be, rain or shine, standing alone.

The prayers are done. The dirt is placed on the casket, shovel by shovel full. The ceremony is complete.

Hugs are given, sorrowed words are spoken, and all disperse back to their lives, away from the newly packed ground.

Viking Funeral for the Cat



For sixteen years she hunted
For sixteen years she spied
Mouse and Hare and Bird
She pounced; they died!

Mewing 'oer the landscape,
Beneath the darkened night skies,
The felines of the land did lament
Mighty Kelly finally died!

From kitten age, to mighty youth
To grizzled veteran, she,
Her prey, they came to fear her
As she slinked and slithered,free

Her claws were a mighty weapon,
Her tail, it thrashed and smote,
With glistening pointed sharp teeth
Her yowels of victory did emote!

O, Tales of Mighty Kelly,
Will rebound upon the land
Her legend is as  hunter 
Her life was never bland.

Here's to mighty Kelly!
She will be for'ere  missed,
Especially by one fair lass
Whose Kelly's nose, she did kiss.